This PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT video is primarily for NEW parents–those with a newborn, suffering from COLIC (a baby that’s inconsolable; won’t stop crying, supposedly due to, among other things, an immature digestive system which causes them unbearable intestinal pain).

1) You’ve recently fed her, so she doesn’t need food
2) You’ve checked her diaper and everything’s clean and good to go
3) She’s not too cold/too hot
4) She’s not tired
5) A pacifier doesn’t help
6) Walking her around–inside or outside–doesn’t help
7) And she would scream for hours on end…

Get a $15 inflatable fitness ball from Target or elsewhere. Make sure the surroundings are free of dangerous objects, sit yourself down with your baby cradled in your arms and gently start bouncing away. MIRACLE CURE! (Of course, consult a physician first.) No, it’s not the same as just bouncing the baby in your arms or putting her in an electric swing/bouncer.

(PS: Our baby is usually WAY worse than this video. She’s usually screaming to where her throat shreds, straightening her body like a stiff board, bending backwards, making all sorts of gurgly, almost “goat”-like sounds. It’s so sad. This video–I tried filming a few different days–is the only one where you can actually hear my voice over it.)

***Other temporary/soothing remedies include vigorously walking up and down the stairs with the child in your arms, putting the baby in a car seat and setting her atop a running clothes dryer, going for a loooong drive, etc.***

Supposedly colic clears up by baby’s 4th-5th month. Fingers crossed! (Ours is 4-1/2 months old, as of this video.)