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Is your baby crying for long periods of time? Crying especially in the evening? She may be experiencing symptoms of colic. These 5 colic relief methods will soothe your colicky baby instantly.

Use these remedies to relieve baby from colicky pain.

#Baby Massage

Make gentle downward strokes with the edge of your palm on baby’s tummy.
Give a light baby massage on abdomen in clockwise motion to push out the gas.

#Warm Oil

Put some warm Olive oil on your fingers and place them on baby’s navel.
Make concentric circles, moving upwards till ribs and downwards till pelvis.
Repeat this soothing activity for at least 2 mins to soothe colic pain.

#Baby Yoga

Hold colicky baby’s knees & press them gently against the tummy. This will put pressure on abdomen.
Bicycle the legs by supporting ankles.

#Gripe Water

It helps in breaking down the trapped air bubbles & relieving the gas.
Thus it cures stomach discomfort which occurs during colic, as well as the teething phase.

If you are a breastfeeding mother, drink 1 cup of fennel mixture.
(3 times a day)

#Tummy time

Give 15-20 mins of tummy time daily. Divide it in 5 min sessions.
This is an easy remedy for colic in infants. It not only helps to alleviate baby’s gas but also develops motor skills.

#Few Preventive measures:

*Don’t follow these colic pain remedies immediately after feeding your baby.
*Limit intake of gaseous food like bananas, beans, lentils etc yourself to prevent colic in your baby.
*Feed the baby before she cries. Crying will make her take more air in.
*Different things work for different babies. Try all methods to find what suits your colicky baby.

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