Dr. Nesnay: Tips on Dealing With Teething | A Minute Smarter

Hi I’m Pediatric Dentist Dr. Mary Ellen Nesnay

As the baby teeth erupt, some babies become fussy, sleepless or irritable. Loss of appetite and excessive drooling are also signs of teething.

Although teething was once thought to be responsible for fevers, diarrhea and rashes, doctors today generally agree that teething by itself does not produce such conditions. If your child continues to be cranky and uncomfortable or shows signs of fever while teething, contact your pediatrician.

Ways to relieve your babies discomfort include rubbing the gums with a chilled spoon or frozen teething ring OR by giving them acetaminophen. Avoid topical numbing gels as they may be swallowed and cause the child to feel more uncomfortable.

As the teeth erupt, you might see a purple discoloration or swelling on the baby’s gums. This is an eruption cyst and will disappear once the tooth begins to erupt. Massaging the area with a cold cloth may help relieve the pain. When in doubt, have your child evaluated by your pediatric dentist.

This is another way to keep your child’s smile as bright as the lights on broadway