Baby Shower Ideas

Cool and Creative Baby Shower Ideas Forever

A baby shower is a celebration for the parents-to-be. It is a time when family and friends can get together, have fun and get excited for the new arrival. If you are planning one of these events you need to check out our 23 cool baby shower ideas. We have games, cakes, decorations and more that can be used to create an unforgettable baby shower.


Every celebration needs desserts and cake! Our first idea features this beautiful dessert cart. The cart is blue because the baby shower is for a boy and it is personalized with the family name. You could have something like this in pink for a girl. It is just a special way to present your food and/or dessert. Everyone would think it is awesome.

Baby Shower Dessert Cart Idea


Next, we have fun gender prediction game. At a baby shower you can ask your guests to guess if the baby will be a boy or a girl, there are many styles of this game out there. For this one each person will make their prediction by choosing either pink or blue cotton candy. It is a game that guests will enjoy, and everyone gets a treat.

Cotton Candy Gender Prediction Game


If you are looking for a baby shower gift, then you need to check out our next pick. This idea features a baby bath, bathing essentials and a baby balloon. With this the parent will get important items for the baby as well as a super cute gift. Something like this could be also be used for decoration to.

Baby Shower Balloon Gift or Decor Idea


Ever wondered what baby food tastes like? With this game idea you and the guests can find out! This baby shower game is called name the baby food. For this you will need jars of baby food with a guessing card. Each person tastes the food and writes down what flavor they think it is. Whoever gets the most correct answers wins. This is a simple, creative and fun game that everyone will love.

Guess the Baby Food Baby Shower Game


If you like the gender prediction game ideas, then you may like our next pick to. This gender prediction is a photo booth, one side of the frame is pink and the other blue. Each person makes a prediction by having their photo taken in blue or pink. This is a fun game, and everyone will be able to look back at the pictures. The photos can be kept as a reminder the special day.

Gender Prediction Photo Booth


The decorations are an important part of the baby shower as you want the room to look party ready. This next idea features baby block centerpieces with flowers on top. These would look so cute on the tables. You could recreate the blocks in any color and these would be a great DIY project.

Baby Block Centerpiece


When choosing a gift for a baby shower it is a good idea to pick something cute but practical. By buying something that the parents need you will be helping them for the future. A diaper cake is perfect as it looks adorable but has a purpose. Diaper cakes feature many diapers arranged into a cake shape. You can get these in pink, blue, yellow with different tiers and in different styles.

Cute Pink Diaper Cake Idea


Next, we have a non-alcoholic cocktail that is perfect for a baby shower. This cocktail is a twist on the Mimosa and is called a Mom-Osa. The Mom-Osa is a fruity drink that contains no alcohol. You could create a few mocktails and give them baby shower names.

Mom-Osa Cocktail Table Idea


While searching for cool baby shower ideas we came across these amazing gender reveal bath bombs. You put the bath bomb in water and it will fizz either blue or pink to say whether the baby is a boy or a girl. These are so unique and creative! Bath Bombs could be given at a baby shower as party favors so everyone gets an extra surprise after the shower is over!

Gender Reveal Bath Bomb


Balloons are a must-have for any celebration. You can get creative with how you display balloons as you can see with these balloon baby bottles! There is a blue bottle and a pink one, you could have one color if you know the gender or have them both if you don’t. These would look amazing at any baby shower.

Baby Bottle Balloons


Decorative trees have become very popular for almost every occasion. We have seen trees for Easter, Valentine’s Day and more. You can have a tree for a baby shower to. This next idea features a white tree that has been covered in baby socks. We love this idea because it is very unique and creative. It would look very cute at any baby shower.

Creative Baby Sock Tree


Our next idea is a game that everyone will love, it is a game called who’s that baby? For this you will need a board and pictures of all the guests when they were babies. Stick the pictures to the board and get the guests to try and guess who is each baby. This is a fun game that will get everyone laughing and having fun.

Who's That Baby Baby Shower Game Idea


Next, we have a beautiful cake idea. The cake has a baby theme in pink and blue colors. A cake like this would be perfect for any baby shower. You could also use a cake like this for a gender reveal, the sponge on the inside could be colored blue or pink.

Blue and Pink Baby Shower Cake


Games and prizes are popular at any celebration. If you want a game that is simple and quick to play, then consider fun scratch cards. These scratch cards have a baby theme as you need to find the baby doll to win. There are so many cute cards available to buy for baby showers.

Fun Scratch Card Idea


Earlier in the post we shown a dessert cart for a baby shower. Our next pick shows how you can create a beautiful dessert table. This one is very glam and features lots of flowers, gold vases and more. Something like this would be perfect for any baby shower, you could also change the color scheme to blue if you know the baby is a boy.

Baby Shower Dessert Table Idea


Everyone likes to make predictions about a new baby and think who the new arrival will look like. Prediction cards like these give guests the chance to guess things like time of birth, eye color and more. This is a fun game that everyone can get involved with. The parents-to-be can look back on these cards and find out who was right.

Baby Prediction Game


If you liked the diaper cake from earlier in the post, then you may like this one to. This diaper cake is blue so is more for boys. If you are thinking of buying a gift for a new baby boy, then something like this would be perfect. It is creative, unique and will be used when the baby is born.

Adventure Diaper Cake Idea


Next, we have these awesome baby block gift boxes. These could be used as gift boxes to give to the parents-to-be and can also be used as party favor boxes. Boxes like these are super cute. You could have boxes like these in any color.

Baby Block Gift Boxes


Bring some humor to the baby shower with a funny cake like this one. The beautiful cake has a topper which says ready to pop. This is perfect for women who are almost at their due date. A topper like this would look awesome on any cake.

Funny Ready to Pop Baby Shower Cake Idea


Next, we have this candle idea. The candles are personalized and say thank you for attending the baby shower. These would be beautiful gifts for your guests and it will also be a reminder of the special day. You could also give candles out as prizes to.

Candle Party Favor Idea


If you are having a summer baby shower, consider making it vibrant and floral like this one. The bright colors and flowers would suit the summer season. You could also have decor like this outside to. If the baby shower is for a boy you could have a different color scheme.

Floral Baby Shower Decor Idea


Cookies are very popular dessert choices at parties and celebrations. These cookies would be perfect for a baby shower as they are shaped like a baby suit. You could have cookies like these made with your own icing design. Maybe have pink or blue.

Baby Shower Cookie Idea


Last on our list is this fun diaper game. Every guest writes a message on a diaper for the parents to read later. This is a great way for family and friends to give advice and to share funny stories. Everyone will enjoy this game. You could also have a poem like this one.

Diaper Baby Shower Game

24. Sleep Sheep by Cloud B:

Sleep Sheep by Cloud B

Why it’s our pick:

This stuffed plush sheep will produce soothing sounds that can calm the baby to sleep in a fraction of seconds. It is a new mother’s lifesaver.

Why you will love it:

25. Sophie la Girafe Teether :

Sophie la Girafe Teether

Why it’s our pick:

Made of natural rubber and food paint, this rubber giraffe would bring hours of drooling enjoyment to the newborn. You can undoubtedly select this as a gift as it also helps when the baby starts teething.

Why you will love it:

Sophie la Girafe is soft, flexible and slender. Baby can chew and squeeze it completely. It makes a happy sound when it is pressed. Sophie’s ears are in the perfect size for munching and legs are skinny for the baby to hold it correctly.

26. Buttermilk Babies Swaddle Pack:

Buttermilk Babies Swaddle Pack

Why it’s our pick:

The baby will feel warm and nice when you wrap her in a blanket. The new parents can use this soft pattern wraps for many purposes – swaddling cloth, burp cloth, car seat drape, tummy mat or clean-up cloth.

Why you will love it:

It is a blend of cotton and bamboo rayon. The swaddle pack includes the black and white prints of core designs – Graffiti, Knuckle Sandwich, Zoonicorns and Gemstones. The Buttermilk Babies Swaddle offers a silkier feel unlike the cotton swaddles.

27. Skip Hop Welcome Home Baby Set:

Skip Hop Welcome Home Baby Set

Why it’s our pick:

It is a perfect baby shower gift that the mom will not forget. You can help the new mom in her baby’s first public appearance in a comfy and cute dress.

Why you will love it:

This is a four-piece cotton set containing knit cap, short-sleeved bodysuit, jersey cardigan and footed leggings. It is available in three colors – blue, pink and gender neutral gray. This super-soft, 100% cotton combo gives an extra gentle fit for the baby’s delicate skin.

28. Pottery Barn Kids Nursery Critter Towels:

Pottery Barn Kids Nursery Critter Towels

Why it’s our pick:

If you want to receive a big applause at the baby shower party, then this should be your choice. The new mom would love to swaddle her baby in cozy wraps of animal designs.

Why you will love it:

Critter towels are made up of thick cotton velour and terry for absorption and softness. They feature a hood that gives extra warmth to the baby after bath time. The hood has animal features like detailed eyes and ears – funny elephant trunk, friendly bunny ears and more.

If you do not want to limit yourself to a single gift but give a basketful of items, then go for gift baskets.


Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Who will not appreciate a basket full of gifts? Think beyond the diaper sets and get these ready-to-gift items. Here are a couple of baby shower gift basket ideas for you:

29. The Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set:

The Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set

Why it’s our pick:

This baby arrival set includes everything that is necessary to welcome a newborn.

Why you will love it:

The Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set contains seven essential things made of natural and safe ingredients. It, therefore, gets the new mom start with all she needs for the baby – wipes, diapers, sanitizing spray, healing balm, face and body lotion, shampoo and body wash and a teether. These things are all wrapped in a wooden box that is reusable and can make a great store for all baby things.

30. Aden + Anais New Beginnings Gift Set:

Aden + Anais New Beginnings Gift Set

Why it’s our pick:

In the initial weeks, it would be a great struggle for the new mom to keep all her baby’s essentials at one place. This gift set would be perfect as it contains everything a mother requires.

Why you will love it:

Sure to delight new parents, this classic gift basket contains two breathable cotton swaddles, soft and breathable blankets made of 100% cotton muslin, soft burpy bibs, a lovely cuddly toy and a Swaddle Love book about the history and art of swaddling.

Baby Shower Gifts For Boys

Airplanes, robots, cars and sneakers! They will be the best choices if you are finding for baby shower gifts for new parents who are welcoming a son. You will love these beautiful gift ideas.

31. JoJo Maman Bebe Elephant Knitted Blanket:

JoJo Maman Bebe Elephant Knitted Blanket

Why it’s our pick:

The elephant knitted blanket would be a lovely gift for the newborn baby.

Why you will love it:

This elephant print knitted blanket adjusts perfectly for a stroller or even a Moses basket. The parents can carry the baby in it or drape over a rocker in the nursery to keep her cozy. You can never go wrong with this blanket.


32. Yookidoo Gymotion Robo Playland:

Yookidoo Gymotion Robo Playland

Why it’s our pick:

This is a 3-in-1 award winning patented activity gym. It is a super cool activity mat for playtime, tummy time and any other time. It would be a great help for the new parents in developing their child’s developmental activities.

Why you will love it:

The Yokidoo mat can help the baby with three different stages – lay & play, tummy & play, sit & play. The set contains many accessories and multi-textured toys, which aid in more than 20 developmental activities. It features a puppy-shaped tummy pillow, battery-operated musical buggy, which moves back and forth, a hanging mirror, detachable robot figures and contrasting retro robot design.

33. Moover Truck:

Moover Truck

Why it’s our pick:

The Moover truck is a blend of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary, bold looks. It would be perfect for the child to start off with playtime.

Why you will love it:

Moover toys are made from sustainable sources with environmentally conscious parents in mind. Though the baby may have 12 months to go before he can play with this wooden truck, it can be a welcome addition to his nursery decor. It encourages your little one develop motor skills and explore the world.

Baby Shower Gifts For Girls

What would you give if the baby is a girl? Should it be different from what you gift a boy? Gifts for baby girls are as adorable as those for boys. In fact, you have a wider choice for girls. New parents expecting a baby girl will fall hard for beautiful decor items, pink onesie garments and tiny pink shoes.

34. Madly Wish Boho is the New Black Quilted Blanket:

Madly Wish Boho is the New Black Quilted Blanket

Why it’s our pick:

It is a unique floral print the baby would love to snuggle in. If the new mom is in search for the best material crib, this suits the best.

Why you will love it:

This Madly Wish Boho is a handmade reversible quilted blanket. It has a bohemian style floral print that would be a fresh transition from all those precious pink and white designs. It fits into the standard size cribs, and your baby will fall asleep quickly.


35. Freshly Picked Crib Moccasins:

Freshly Picked Crib Moccasins

Why it’s our pick:

Freshly picked has perfect sized crib moccasins that can stay on the baby’s feet. They are petite and are a perfect fit for a newborn until they reach four months of age.

Why you will love it:

If you cannot wait for the little one to wear those cute tiny shoes, this freshly picked crib moccasins are the right choice. They are easy to slip on and take off the feet. Made of 100% pure leather, they are durable and flexible for the little feet to move around. They go well with any kind of outfit.

36. Pemberley Rose Doux Reves Petite Fille Crib Sheets:

Pemberley Rose Doux Reves Petite Fille Crib Sheets

Why it’s our pick:

The Pemberley Rose Doux Reves petite fille crib is inspired from a vintage French perfume ad that could inspire sweet little dreams. It would be a unique baby shower gift idea for a girl.

Why you will love it:

The new mother can easily put the baby to sleep in this très chic style crib that is ultra soft and smooth. The smooth cotton fabric is elegant and fits a standard crib mattress up to nine-inch depth.

37. Keep Calm and Carry Me Bodysuit:

Keep Calm and Carry Me Bodysuit

Why it’s our pick:

This beautiful bodysuit is emblazoned with an excellent advice for the new parents. It can make an ideal gift for the baby shower party and can be used right after the baby’s arrival.

Why you will love it:

Made of 100% combed cotton, it has convenient snaps between legs for a quick change. The material is treated with professional heat press equipment, which does not fade, peel or crack with usage. The mother can change the baby’s diaper quickly and need not keep the princess waiting.

38. Jenni Kayne for Pottery Barn Kids Bunny Bank:

Jenni Kayne for Pottery Barn Kids Bunny Bank

Why it’s our pick:

Just like bunnies, the baby’s savings will multiply when she uses the modern piggy bank. Until then, this porcelain bunny bank can wait on the baby’s nursery shelf.

Why you will love it:

Made of porcelain with glaze finish, this bunny bank can help the parents make some savings for the baby. It has got a money slot over the top and an opening at the bottom.

Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

So, you may ask, if all the gifts are for the baby won’t the new mother get anything? Why not? You can surprise her with any of the below creative baby shower gifts such as essentials for hospital stay, massage or a baby friendly teething jewelry.

39. Baby’s First Year Photo Frame:

Baby’s First Year Photo Frame

Why it’s our pick:

Babies grow month-by-month. Why not gift a creative frame for mom and dad to recollect those memories for lifelong?

Why you will love it:

This is a hand-finished wooden wall frame, which can add brightness to a room with its fun hues. It is numbered one to 12 for the parents to paste their baby’s photo each month. It will also be a great way to teach your kid about numbers, and those pictures can bring endless smiles.

40. HATCH-to-Hospital Box:

HATCH-to-Hospital Box

Why it’s our pick:

A mom-to-be may not be in a position to pack all essentials just before going to the hospital for her delivery. Therefore, we have the box as one of the perfect gifts that keep the lady ready for the D-day.

Why you will love it:

This box includes super soft jersey and cashmere essentials – robe, matching T-shirt inspired knee-length nightgown, a pair of panty briefs and cozy tube socks. These things will help during the long hospital stay.

41. Nyme Organics Teething Jewelry:

Nyme Organics Teething Jewelry

Why it’s our pick:

The simplest pleasure can make the strongest statement. This teething jewelry will not only add a serious style to the new mom but also act as teethers for the baby.

Why you will love it:

These beaded necklaces are vibrant and have eye-catching colors. The beads are 100% pure FDA approved food-grade silicone and free from toxic substances. The wood beads are 100% natural maple, coated with olive oil and organic beeswax.

Personalized Baby Shower Gifts

If the parents to be are close to you, you might want to give them a personalized gift that suits their requirements. Photo canvas, dish sets, artwork, and rattles would help them cherish each step as the little one grows.

42. Giggle Personalized Cup and Bowl Set:

Giggle Personalized Cup and Bowl Set

Why it’s our pick:

It would be a great baby shower gift for the parents to welcome their baby to the dining table. It looks dynamic and blends with any family table.

Why you will love it:

The personalized ceramic cup and bowl set has an elephant or giraffe print. It is made of food safety white earthenware clay and is dishwasher safe. It makes the baby mealtime fun and cleanup easy for mom and dad.

43. Bannor Toys Original Wooden State Rattles:

Bannor Toys Original Wooden State Rattles

Why it’s our pick:

They are beautiful handmade rattles carved in the shape of the US states. They make a great gift as you can choose them based on the parents’ home state.

Why you will love it:

The Wooden State rattles are made up of solid hardwood cherry and are 100% organic. They can last long enough to run through generations. The finish is an organic mix of beeswax and flaxseed oil. They are perfect for gripping and helping the little one learn geography.


44. Monogrammed Jellycat Bunny:

Monogrammed Jellycat Bunny

Why it’s our pick:

Jellycat is one of the most trusted brands that manufacture soft and cute animals.

Why you will love it:

The toys are huggable bunnies with cuddly floppy ears and soft fur. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, and you can get them personalized by adding the baby’s name or monogram in different thread colors and fonts.

DIY Baby Shower Gifts

The new mom will bless you for gifting some do-it-yourself (DIY) toys to the baby, for these kits will keep the child busy when she grows up into a toddler. Here are some DIY baby shower gift ideas.

45. Button Face Hot Air Balloon Baby Mobile Kit:

Button Face Hot Air Balloon Baby Mobile Kit

Here is an easy DIY kit which contains everything from wool blend felt to hooks and screws, to make a fanciful hot air balloon.

  • The kit contains all the items you require to make the newborn’s first toy.
  • Wood blend flet – 7 sheets, mic of pink, fawn, green, blush and turquoise.
  • Polyester stuffing that is hypoallergenic
  • Embroidery thread – 2 skeins
  • Sewing thread
  • Needle
  • Ceiling hook – 1
  • Screw hook – 1
  • Screw eye – 1
  • Mobile hanger parts made of beech wood
  • Instruction booklet

Once the air balloon baby mobile is made, it can be hung from a ceiling with a hook or can also be attached to the baby’s crib using a wooden clamp.


46. Ollibird Mix and Match Blocks:

Ollibird Mix and Match Blocks

These blocks are easy to build. All you need is to buy the starter set, or download the Olliblocks PDF, take a print out and stick them to wooden blocks. You can choose this as a perfect toy gift for the new baby. As a toddler, she can put the blocks together to form the desired pictures.


Some Unique Homemade Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you are keen on giving personal touch, there would be nothing as special as a homemade gift. Here are some ideas you can easily try at home.

47. Baby’s Wicker Basket:

The new mommy can keep this basket near the baby’s crib and use it as and when required.

You will need:

  • A wicker basket
  • Small identical pouches that will easily fit inside the basket
  • Identical ribbons
  • Small gifts to go in the pouches

How to make:

  1. Fill up the pouches with small gifts like infant diapers, teethers, pacifier, a sleep eye patch for the mommy, a rattle, baby booties and mittens, a travel sized pack of wipes and so on.
  2. Tie each pouch with a ribbon and place in the basket.

48. Baby Mobile Crib:

This can be the ideal homemade baby shower gift idea. The new parents can attach it to the newborn’s crib.

You will need:

  • Two lightweight plastic rods of equal size
  • Fabric
  • Glue
  • Small soft toys
  • Cords
  • Ribbon

How to make:

  1. Wrap the rods with the fabric using glue. Make sure you tuck in the ends so that no bare parts are visible or exposed.
  2. String the soft toys through the cords, with one toy per cord. Hang them up on the rods.
  3. Place the rods one across the other and secure with a bow in the middle.

49. Picture Alphabet Board:

The new mommy can put this homemade learning toy in the nursery as an educational wall décor or as a learning toy.

You will need:

  • Wooden blocks of same size
  • Fabric in different colors and patterns
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors

How to make:

  1. Cover the wooden blocks using the same fabric. You can also choose not to cover to give it a raw look.
  2. Cut out letters from the fabrics, keeping it bright and colorful. You can also trace out pictures on the fabrics that correspond to that particular letter.
  3. Glue them up on to the board, a few letters to each board.

50. Personalized Baby Book:

The new mommy will love using the personalized baby book.

You will need:

  • Plain notebook with paper of choice
  • Decorating items like stickers, ribbons, laces, buttons, cut-outs and such
  • Glue and scissors
  • Colored pens
  • Fabric

How to make:

  1. Wrap the front and back cover of the notebook using the fabric.
  2. Decorate the inside using interesting items such as ribbons, stickers, buttons, and bows.
  3. Use the colored pens to write out messages creatively. You can also create special spaces for the mommy to make notes.
  4. Designate spaces to add lots of images of baby.

51. Decorated Diaper Stash:

A diaper stash might sound funny but is one of the most useful baby shower gifts for a new mother.

You will need:

  • Infant diapers
  • A basket or large tray to hold them in
  • Bright ribbons
  • A cute soft toy – optional

How to make:

  1. Roll up each diaper into the tiniest size possible. Tie up each diaper with a piece of ribbon. Once all the diapers are done, stack them up in the basket or tray.
  2. You could simply place them there or create an interesting design. You can add the soft toy to go along with the diapers.

52. Cute Diaper Babies:

This is one of the cute baby shower gifts the expectant parents will love to see.

You will need:

  • Infant diapers for as many diaper babies as you want to make
  • One baby mitten and one baby booty for each diaper
  • A small basket to hold the diapers in
  • Ribbon

How to make:

  1. Roll up the diapers. Add a baby mitten on one edge and baby booty on the other.
  2. Place the diaper babies in the basket and adorn the basket with the ribbon.

53. Baby Booties And Baby Mittens Bouquet:

The mommy-to-be will love the thought behind giving booties and mittens in such a unique way.

You will need:

  • Baby booties and mittens
  • Artificial leaves and stems
  • A small and compact vase
  • Ribbons

How to make:

  1. Place the baby booties at the bottom of the vase to make the base.
  2. Roll up the baby mittens and tie them with ribbons. Alternatively, you can stack them into and over the booties, so that they resemble colorful flowers. Make sure you stack them tightly so that they do not come loose. If required, use the ribbon to tighten them up.
  3. Add the artificial leaves and stems in between to give it the look of a bouquet.

54. Hand Designed Baby Booties With A Message:

This will keep the expectant mother busy reading all the messages.

You will need:

  • Baby booties in plain colors
  • Fabric colors

How to make:

  1. Design the baby booties using fabric colors.
  2. Write out cute and thoughtful messages on the booties. You could write different parenting quotes or lines from nursery rhymes.
  3. Alternatively, you can make different baby related patterns on the booties.

55. A Onesie For A Month Basket:

The gift will have a style quotient to it.

You will need:

  • Same colored baby onesies from size of 0 months to 12 months – one onesie for each month
  • Fabric color or fabric pen
  • A basket to hold the onesies
  • Ribbon

How to make:

  1. Starting from the smallest onesie, write out a cute message corresponding to the particular month – for newborn, to month one, two, three and so on up to 12 months.
  2. Decorate the onesies in a uniform pattern to make them look identical yet different.
  3. Once the colors are dry, place the onesies in the basket and decorate the outside of the basket with a ribbon.

56. Instant Images With Personalized Message:

Every time the new momma remembers her baby shower, she will for sure take this gift out and cherish those moments.

You will need:

  • An instant camera
  • A plain notebook
  • Color pens
  • Glue

How to make:

  1. Take instant pictures of all guests attending the baby shower.
  2. Once dry, glue the picture on a notebook page. Ask the person to write a message on the page and decorate the pages as per their choice.
  3. Once you have clicked all the guests, you will have an entire book of pictures and messages for the new momma and baby.


57. Baby’s Wicker Basket:

You Need:

  • A wicker basket
  • Small identical pouches that will easily fit inside the basket
  • Identical ribbons
  • Small gifts to go in the pouches

How To:

  • Fill up the pouches with small gifts like infant diapers, teethers, pacifier, a sleep eye patch for the mommy, a rattle, baby booties and mittens, a travel sized pack of wipes and so on.
  • Tie each pouch with the ribbons and place in the basket.The homemade baby shower gift ideas are just right for the occasion.

The new mommy can keep the basket near the baby’s crib and use it as and when required.

58. Baby Mobile Crib:

You Need:

  • Two lightweight plastic rods of the same size
  • Fabric
  • Glue
  • Small soft toys
  • Cords
  • Ribbon

How To:

  • Wrap the rods in the fabric using glue. Make sure you tuck in the ends so that no bare parts are visible or exposed.
  • String the soft toys through the cords, with one toy per cord. Hang them up on the rods.
  • Place the rods one across the other and secure with a bow in the middle. These can be the ideal homemade baby shower gift ideas for boys .

The new mommy can attach it near her newborn’s crib.

59. Picture Alphabet Board:

You Need:

  • Wooden blocks in same size
  • Fabric in different colors and patters
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors

How To:

  • Cover the wooden blocks using the same fabric. You can also choose to not cover it to give it a raw look.
  • Cut out letters from the fabrics, keeping it bright and colorful. You can also trace out pictures on the fabrics that correspond to that particular letter.
  • Glue them up on to the board, few letters to each board. This homemade baby shower gift ideas are just right to gift as a learning toy.

The new mommy will be able to put it up in the nursery as an educational wall décor or as a learning toy.

60. Personalized Baby Book:

You Need:

  • Plain notebook with paper of choice
  • Decorating items like stickers, ribbons, laces, buttons, cutouts and such
  • Glue and scissors
  • Colored pens
  • Fabric

How To:

  • Wrap the front and back cover of the notebook using the fabric.
  • Decorate the inside using interesting items like ribbons, stickers, buttons, bows and such.
  • Use the colored pens to write out messages creatively. You can also create special areas for particular notes that mommy can make.
  • Do designate spaces to add in lots of images of baby.

The new mommy will love using the personalized baby book.

61. Decorated Diaper Stash:

You Need:

  • Infant diapers
  • A basket or large tray to hold them in
  • Bright ribbons
  • A cute soft toy – optional

How To:

  • Roll up each diaper into the tiniest size possible. Tie up each diaper with a piece of ribbon. Once all the diapers are done, stack them up in the basket or tray.
  • You could simply place them there or create an interesting design. You can add the soft toy to go along with the diapers.


62. Cute Diaper Babies:

You Need:

  • Infant diapers for as many diaper babies as you want to make
  • One baby mitten and one baby booty for each diaper
  • A small basket to hold the diapers in
  • Ribbon

How To:

  • Roll up the diapers.Add a baby mitten on one edge and baby booty on the other.
  • Place the diaper babies in the basket and adorn the basket with the ribbon.

63. Baby Booties And Baby Mittens Bouquet:

You Need:

  • Baby booties and mittens
  • Artificial leaves stems
  • A small and compact vase
  • Ribbons

How To:

  • Place the baby booties at the bottom of the vase to make the base.
  • Roll up the baby mittens and tie them up with ribbons if you wish. Alternatively, you can start stacking them into and over the booties, so that they resemble different colorful flowers. Make sure you stack them tightly so that they do not come loose. Use the ribbon to tighten them up if required.
  • Add the artificial leaves stems in between to give it the look of a bouquet.

The new mommy will love the thought behind giving booties and mittens in such a unique way.

64. Hand Designed Baby Booties With A Message:

You Need:

  • Baby booties in plain colors
  • Fabric colors

How To:

  • Design the baby booties using the fabric colors.
  • Write out cute and thoughtful messages on the booties. You could write different parenting quotes or write out lines from different nursery rhymes.
  • Alternatively, you can make different baby related patterns on the booties.

The new momma will love showing off her newborn’s special style.

65. A Onesie For A Month Basket:

You Need:

  • Same colored baby onesies from size 0 months till 12 months – one onesie for each month
  • Fabric color or fabric pen
  • A basket to hold the onesies
  • Ribbon

How To:

  • Starting from the smallest onesie, write out a cute message corresponding to the particular month – for newborn, to month 1, month 2 and so on till month 12 – a year!
  • Try and decorate the onesies in a uniform pattern to make them look identical yet different.
  • Once the colors are dry, place them all in the basket and decorate the outside of the basket with the ribbon.

The new momma will love the usefulness and the stylish factor of this gift.

66. Instant Images With Personalized Message:

You Need:

• An instant camera
• A plain notebook
• Colored pens
• Glue

How To:

  • Take instant pictures of all guests attending the baby shower.
  • Once dry, glue the picture to a page of the notebook. Ask the person to write a message on the corresponding page and decorate both the pages as per their choice.
  • Once you have clicked all the guests, you will have an entire book of pictures and messages for the new momma and baby.

The new momma will cherish this album forever.

Funny Baby Shower Gifts

Want to give some real funny gifts that could make the expectant parents laugh out loud. Here you go.

67. Freshly Baked Bodysuit Set:

Freshly Baked Bodysuit Set

It almost took nine months for the bun to cook completely in the oven. What else could be better than a funny and cheeky bodysuit? This is a vintage bakery inspired retro baby suit. Made of top-notch 100% cotton, it has got a classic closure and envelope neck.

68. Mute Button Pacifier:

Mute Button Pacifier

If you want to gift something that can make parents check in with their sense of humor, this tongue-in-cheek pacifier will be the best gift. It helps to soothe the baby and lessen the noise. The new parents can start using the non-toxic silicone-made product from zero to six months.

How is our unique baby shower gift list? If you are to attend a baby shower, remember that an expecting mom will love to have gifts intended for her newborn. Do remember to buy any of these gifts and we are sure you will come out from the shop as a winner!

Have any baby shower gift ideas? Share them with our readers.

69. ABC baby shower invitations

I found this pretty free printable baby shower invitation over at Kellie’s scraplog. You could even use them as birthday party invites. Remember the Alphabet party inspiration I posted a while back? Cute stuff!


70. Adoption Baby Shower Ideas

Whether you are hosting an adoption baby shower for a newborn, or celebrating the adoption of an older child, a party is in order! A big one! Below are some festive and fun ways to welcome a new child into the family!

There are many different reasons and scenarios to celebrate when adopting a child. Some examples are:

  • Baby shower before baby arrives
  • Adoption finalization party
  • Adoption welcome party for older child
  • Baby shower / party to celebrate the foster to adopt parents

As a general guideline, if the child is under 2 years old, it is okay to host an adoption baby shower. If the child is over the age of 2, you should have an adoption celebration party or welcome home party!

Another tip is to wait until the new baby or child has officially been adopted and is living at the house. This will allow for everyone to meet the new child, and you will know exact clothing sizes, shoe sizes, appropriate toys to get, etc.

Adoption Party Or Adoption Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Celebrate a new child by including you special family and friends in the event. Start off the celebration by sending out some beautiful adoption baby shower invitations or party announcements.

You can choose any cute theme idea you wish – and then personalize it with wording for an adoption shower or party. Some cute and creative adoption wording ideas are below.

Since not all adoption showers or celebrations are for newborns, be sure to include the child’s age, gender, clothing size in the adoption invitations.

Adoption Quotes And Party Invitation Wording Ideas:

  • Adoption is when a child grew in its mommy’s heart instead of her tummy. ~ Author Unknown
  • The adoption is complete – there’s a sweet little girl for you to meet
  • The adoption is complete – there’s a new little boy for you to meet
  • Worth The Wait
  • However Motherhood Comes To You – It’s A Miracle
  • Wanted. Loved, Chosen, Adopted.
  • Dreams Come True – Please Help Us In Celebrating The Arrival Of Our New Little One
  • Families Grow With Love

“Mint To Be” Adoption Baby Shower Favor Idea

banner of mint to be adoption baby shower favors

The “Mint To Be” theme is most commonly used for weddings, but it is also perfect for adoption party favors! Adoptions are so special and truly are “Mint To Be!”

mint to be favors banner

Add some cute printable “Mint To Be” favor tags to a roll of mints that has been wrapped in cute scrapbook paper or burlap (as shown above.) You can also use mint tins or Tic Tacs as well.

Adoption Party Ideas For Games & Decorations

image for an adoption baby shower sign

What a sweet way to welcome a new child to the family – this adoption party sign can be placed at the front door for guests to see when they arrive. Or you can place on the gift table or hang it on the wall.

To make this adoption baby party sign, paint the glass portion of a picture frame with chalkboard paint, let dry, write on the frame with chalk pens. So easy and so adorable!

S’More Love Adoption Party Favors

We're adding s'more love to our family banner. favor tags for an adoption baby shower

Bundle up some yummy graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars for the cutest adoption baby shower favor idea! Add these printable “We’re adding S’more love to our family” favor tags – and you have the cutest favor idea!

adoption baby shower favors picture

Here is an example of how to package the s’more ingredients up. So cute and easy!

We Found The Missing Piece – adoption wishes puzzle

image of adoption baby shower advice cards

Puzzle pieces are symbolic of adopting a child – the missing “piece” to the family is finally in place. This baby shower / adoption party activity is so sweet and will create a keepsake that will be cherished for a lifetime. Purchase a blank puzzleand have each guest write their advice or words of wisdom on a puzzle piece. Make sure they sign their name so you know who wrote the kind words.

After the party, the new parents put the puzzle together, preserve it with puzzle saver and hang on the wall in the baby’s nursery or child’s room.

image of adoption baby shower games

A Baby Adoption Poem

I didn’t give you the gift of life, but in my heart I know.

The love I feel is deep and real, as if it had been so.

For us to have each other, is like a dream come true.

No, I didn’t give you the gift of life,

Life gave me the gift of you.

– author unknown

Adoption Baby Shower Etiquette

We had a reader write in asking if there were any special etiquette rules to follow when dealing with an adoption party / shower.

Our advice was to wait and throw an adoption celebration once the baby or child had been officially adopted – just to make sure all of the paperwork had been finalized.

Also, be sure to include the name, age, gender, where the new parents are registered & clothing / shoe size. There has been some debate as to if it is okay to include the clothing and shower size in the adoption part invitation. Some think it is rude to suggest they bring a gift. Our advice: go with your gut. If you feel like your guest list is laid back and would welcome the helpful info – then by all means, include it. If not, leave it out.

Printable Baby Shower Adoption Wall Art

picture of for this child I have prayed wall art

We created this print to be used to decorate the shower or adoption party. Then it can be given to the parents as a gift – to be hung in the child’s room. It is listed in our shop and is available as an instant download. Simply print, trim and frame! – and it doubles as shower decor and a baby shower gift!

Adoption Party Cake Ideas

image of adoption party cake

“We Found The Missing Piece” adoption finalization cakes are the perfect way to welcome a precious new child into the family! The “puzzle piece adoption theme” has become so popular, we just love it!

Adoption Celebration Party Supplies

O’fish’ally Adopted Party Theme

baby adoption party theme picture

These are the cutest “It’s O’Fish’ial adoption party treats! To make them:

  • dip marshmallows in white chocolate that has been melted and colored with blue food coloring
  • poke a lollipop stick into each marshmallow
  • dip the end into crushed graham crackers
  • add a Goldfish Cracker

Adoption Banners & Balloons

it's ofishal adoption baby shower sign banner

Make a mini banner to string over the adoption celebration cake, or make a big one to hang over the mantle. Other banner wording ideas include:

  • forever family
  • happy gotcha day
  • our story
  • finally complete
  • welcome little one
  • the missing piece
  • worth the wait
  • child of God

Favor Ideas For An Adoption Party

Wording ideas for favor tags – can also be used on adoption party invitations too:

Daniel is o-fish-ally ours! – hand out goldfish crackers in baggies, or fishy soaps or chocolates. The mold above is for easily making fish chocolates or soaps!


A child sent from Heaven
A child that I call mine.
Though not of our creation
She’s our child by God’s design.


Worth The Wait


You were born in our hearts


Love makes a family


We wished for you

Adoption Decoration Ideas

This is a wonderful alternative to a baby shower guest book. The mommy and baby elephants are spraying water droplets up into the air – and guests write their name and well wishes into each droplet. Click on the pic for more info.


How To Make Balloon Arches


Learn how to transform ordinary balloons into beautiful, baby shower masterpieces! Get the full scoop.

Adoption Shower Gift Ideas

Adoption shower gifts image

This beautiful “adoption is a miracle” tapestry makes the perfect adoption party gift! It is printed on canvas and can be hung on the wall. You can get it here.

These special books are a popular staple among adoptive families. They both tell a sweet story about adoption and love. Click on the pics for more info.

Be sure to visit our Personalized Baby Gifts page for sentimental gifts – perfect for newly adopted babies or children.

Adoption Day Photo Sign

picture of Adoption Day photo sign

This is just the sweetest thing! This is such a wonderful way to introduce and announce the official day you adopted your little loved one! The suite this little guy is wearing just melts my heart!


71. Affordable Baby Shower Gifts

Need Affordable Baby Shower Gifts

I have a problem. I have 2 baby showers to go to within the month and 2 birthdays to host next month. I already know what gifts I will be giving for the birthdays but I am stuck on what to give for baby shower gifts. I want to give thoughtful gifts, (one shower is for one of my best friends and the other is for a family member), but nothing that is going to cause me to go broke. Please help! I’m running out of time!

Painted Pot an Inexpensive Gift

Terra cotta pots ( plant pots) painted in pastel colors and some simple ink stamping for decoration like a baby bottle & rattles or bears and bows.

After painting and decorating simply fill the pot with cotton balls, Qtips, an inexpensive rattle, wipes or even buy inexpensive little plastic bottles to be decorated to match the pot. With this in mind you can buy one bottle of lotion and use it for both gifts. ( its a good idea to put a little place card in the pot telling the mom what kind of lotion or shampoo you filled the bottles with just in case there is a reaction) There are so many different ways you could go. Good luck.

A Special Shower Card

To make an easy homemade baby shower card, you’ll need a square of white paper, a pen and a safety pin or diaper pin.

  1. Take a square of white paper and fold the top left corner to the bottom right corner to make a triangle.
  2. With the flat side facing away from you, write a message in the center of the triangle.
  3. Fold the left point and right point to the middle, overlapping slightly.
  4. Fold the bottom upto the overlapping left and right points.
  5. Secure with the safety pin or diaper pin — it’s a little diaper!
  6. Write the new mother’s (or baby’s) name on the diaper.

If you want, you can punch a hole in the diaper and attach it to the ribbon. Or just stick it to the can with a small piece of tape.
Julie P

Affordable Baby Shower Gifts


One of the best gifts I got from my baby shower was a cross stitch of the alphabet and the babys name and birthdate stitched onto it. My friend put it into a nice frame (find nice ones at costco or garage sales and just paint) . They grow out of clothes, put away blankets and outgrow cute toys. This will be on my wall for a very long time. If you don’t have the time, just give her a picture of the pattern and let her know it will be done after the baby is here.

Baby’s Buffet

In the past, I have gone to the grocery store and purchased one jar of every kind of baby food and bottled juice that the store sells. One jar of each kind of food isn’t really expensive (total expenditure for this gift is between $20 – $30) because the cost of each jar is so small. It is a very practical gift because it will be fully used. It also gives the mom a chance to find out what the baby will eat, one jar at a time, and she can replace what the baby likes (and skip what the baby won’t eat). For presenting this gift, I have decorated a sturdy box with contact paper, put the jars inside and then wrapped the exterior of the box with gift wrap. Because of all the small glass jars, this gift is quite heavy; make sure you use a STURDY box.
Barb W. in Midland, MI

Let Mom Pick

We have three children and have been giving and receiving “baby gift certificates” for the last few years! Everyone who gets these certificates loves them because they get to pick their own gift (no duplicates, no unwanted or unneeded gifts to return!). Everyone comments on how thoughtful the gift certificates are for busy families. The gift certificates save everyone time and money.

Always Ready

I stumbled upon this solution for a good, inexpensive gift. After Easter or other holidays, the merchandise often goes on deep discount. I picked up a few decent size decorative baskets for a dollar each, found a baby blanket half off to use as a liner and got bath items at a factory warehouse supply place. Did I go to get these items individually? No, I have a big family, so I keep things on hand, visit the factory twice a year, and put together gift baskets as needed.

Pamper Mom

When I was pregnant with my first son, my landlady started a Baby Shower Tradition for me. Instead of buying for the baby, buy for the mother! Face it, mom does all the work and gets absolutely nothing. Find your local 99 cent store. Shop for a “pamper the mom basket.” Soaps, bubble baths, shampoo, teas, baskets, towels, candles for that quiet tub time, etc. You can even get some really nice cards at these stores. Wrap your basket in plastic or woven material(she will find a use for it in the baby’s room) and tie off with a bow bouquet (you can get bows at the 99 cent store as well). In your card enclose a coupon for some of your time to watch the baby while she gets to take that soothing bath all alone. I have done a small basket for under $10.00. Watch the mother’s face light up when she receives something for herself at her baby shower!

From the Heart

One of the nicest baby shower gifts I’ve given is inexpensive in materials but has a lot of heart. Buy a very pretty white handkerchief with lace edging (usually these can be found at craft stores). Fold the handkerchief so it looks like a baby’s bonnet. Hand sew the corners of the handkerchief to make the bonnet. Add white ribbon for ties and white ribbon roses to hide the stitching. This should be a functional baby bonnet.

This is where the “heart” comes into play. Write a poem about how every baby needs a bonnet to come home from the hospital in. And how every bride needs something old to carry on her wedding day. Just clip the stitches and the bride has a handkerchief to carry with her down the aisle. If the baby is a boy, write in the poem how he can give the handkerchief to his bride for “something old.”
Lisa N-W

Special Wreath

A friend of mine gave me this great gift at my shower 2 years ago, and since then, I’ve been doing it for other friends. You need a wire wreath frame (found for around $3-$5 at craft stores), a package of disposable diapers, some ribbon, and some small baby items (nail clippers, brush and comb, pacifier, etc.). Pull diapers through the wire, tying each one as you go with the ribbon. Once you have the diapers on, decorate your wreath by tying on the baby items. It’s very cute and you don’t need to wrap it, just take it as is with a little gift card. You can give the extra diapers as well, or keep them to make another wreath. It’s a big hit!

Two Suggestions

Some of the best shower gifts:

  1. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, which is about $15, less if you or someone you know is a current member of La Leche League (the breastfeeding information and support group.)
  2. A soft baby carrier or sling. The most long-lasting brand is Over the Shoulder Baby Holder. They run about $40. Again, if you’re a LLL member, it’s only $36.

Ellen F.

Ahh, Sleep

Lullaby tapes for the baby. One of the best ones I got was a gift certificate for a dinner for two and an IOU for free babysitting for our first night out after the baby was born.

Sick Kit

One of the best gifts I have found to give is a “sick kit”. It is a combination of items needed by a new mom when baby gets sick. Items such as Pedialyte, Tempra Drops, under arm thermometers. medicine syringe, medicine spoons etc. make good gifts. It saves the new parents a frantic trip to the pharmacy in the night. The pedialyte comes in flavors and you can include other items such as diaper rash cream, baby band aids for future use, teething gel, all the little things that new moms haven’t thought of. I have also seen in stores an “ice pack” for kids with Bert and Ernie on them. This would be for toddlers, but would be nice to have in advance. It is the little things that come in handy. I usually pick up a small basket and line it with a receiving blanket and pile in the stuff that I purchase. Sometimes I add items such as baby cereal, juices, etc. to help fill it out.

People will oohs and aaa at your gift and more will “steal” the idea from you! It is great and they parents will thank you each time they reach for items from your gift.



When many of my friends and co-workers were having babies, I found that they really appreciated my standard gift: a package of diapers (disposable or cloth) tied up in a receiving blanket. I bought packages of 3 light blankets with the cutest prints. You can accent this with a rattle or other small toy. This should not cost more than $10.

Things I Got and Used

The best gifts that I received for my baby shower and then have given to friends/sister-in-law are: a small laundry basket, rear view mirror, audio tapes, and mesh laundry bags (like the ones for nylons). Since baby clothes have to be washed in different detergent this is a great help and I know where all of her clothes are. Safety 1st makes two different rear view mirrors. I like the one that attaches to the car’s rear view mirror rather than the one that attaches to the visor. I am able to see my daughter in the back seat without having to turn around. Audio tapes of lullabies and playtime music are great! I cannot tell you how often the lullabies have put my dauther to sleep. I wash all of my daughter’s socks in the mesh laundry bags-no more lost socks! These are also great for storage purposes when the child outgrows the socks and you want to keep them for the next child. You can get all of these for under $5.00 a piece. Hopes this helps and good luck!

A Different Gift Wrap

I have a suggestion for wrapping your gift. Instead of paying for wrapping paper and bows, or gift bags, spend th same money on receiving blankets and diaper pins. You can wrap your package with the blanket secure it with diaper pins and make bows out of baby washcloths. These are things every mother needs plenty of and your gift will be that much nicer because nothing will be wasted. You can buy a relatively inexpensive gift and it will be a show stealer because it will look wonderful, and no money will be wasted.
Shari G.

A ‘Baby Tree’

A different gift to give for a baby gift, a small tree in a planter pot & take hooks (Christmas tree hooks) & hang baby items such as pacifier,booties,rattle,tie a bib on a branch,any thing that will hang on as for base of pot wrap with bright paper & tie on a pretty bow.


72. Airplane baby shower invitations


Now for the full Airplane Baby Shower Reveal! It was SUCH a fun party to plan and throw, and so much fun for my sweet cousin to come into town so we could all love on her and be happy for her upcoming baby!

Again- we went with the Airplane shower because her Dad worked as an air traffic controller and her husband works for Delta, so lots and lots of flying are in this kid future! We designed the table to look like grass on either side of a runway… and I love how the table turned out! I wrapped a few of my puzzle boxes in green wrapping paper to add height without sticking out.

The control tower cake, AND the biggest hit were these cloud cake balls!!! (a 6 petal cookie cutter, press the cake inside, freeze, cut in half, add to a stick and dip!)


73. Alice and wonderland baby shower theme


Welcome to Wonderland, where roses are painted red, the Cheshire cat is always smiling and we’re all a little mad here! When mom-to-be, Kristine approached us with the concept of planning her vintage Alice In Wonderland themed baby shower, we were beyond thrilled! This whimsical baby shower was full of creative DIY ideas, themed centerpieces and delightful food inspired by the magic of Wonderland!

We took quotes from the storybook and incorporated them into some of the decor, like this vignette signage which reads, “Follow the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction.” The sign was super easy to make! Designed in Word, we customized the sign and printed on 11×14 inch paper. We found this awesome laser-cut wood frame at Michaels which provided the perfect detail element to bring attention to the welcome sign.
Invitations are a great way to set the tone and theme for any event. Our client wanted to send her guests something completely unique and memorable to get them excited for her Alice in Wonderland baby shower. We commissioned these beautiful hand crafted, tea-stained invitations by PinkCherryMama which incorporated illustrations of the storybook characters and even included a small vintage key keepsake!
We were working with a blank event space so it was important to bring in some creative large-scale decor elements to evoke the whimsical atmosphere. The large mural behind the bar and ‘drink me’ sign are illustrations by John Tenniel, taken from the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Over-sized playing cards, directional signs and clocks were hung throughout the event space as well.
Our amazing caterer, Tiny Kitchen Catering incorporated the theme into all of the delicious food with ‘eat me’ cookies, tea sandwiches with card suit toothpicks and tea scones. All of the bite-sized food was perfect for the afternoon event. The children especially loved the custom cookies!

We crafted an over-sized Cheshire cat grin which hung above the table, adding another large-scale themed decoration. Flanking the buffet table were two 4ft topiary trees adorned with arrow signage, another detail from the storybook.
We had a lot of fun finding vintage pieces and creating special details for each of the centerpieces. The Helen Zora Artificial Moss Animal Cute Animal Ornaments Room Office Decor Baby Kids Toy Artwork Handiwork Gift Scenery Garden Buildings(A)” target=”_blank”>moss rabbits and runners were a nod to the Queen’s garden. We rented old books from Dovetail Vintage Rentals and found old clocks, keys, teacups and bottles to decorate the tables. The colorful ‘open me’ favors in each teacup are Surprise Balls from Tops Malibu. These were a huge hit with the guests, especially the children!
Our mom-to-be requested that her guests each bring a children’s book to start her new baby’s library. We created a special table for this with a vintage suitcase and a handmade ‘books’ banner made with crafting paper hung above. The guests placed their book gifts in the suitcase for the mom-to-be to take home.
DIY signage was used throughout the entire event space as seen in these directional signs on the topiary trees, flanking the brunch and dessert table.
Our guests were so excited about all the details that were incorporated into the decorations, food and design. This baby shower was such a memorable occasion for all who attended! “Don’t Be Late” for our next fabulous event!


This theme baby shower is used more frequently during late spring and summer months. It can be both for a boy and a girl. A great outdoor shower party!

So here are few nautical theme baby shower decorations and ideas to hopefully wow your guests at your party.

Invitations for Nautinautical theme baby shower decorationscal Baby Shower:

When you make a decision on what sort of party invitation you would like to send there are several one of a kind ways to work with for this nautical theme. You can buy online or you can make your own. How about making a treasure map card or, card shaped as a sailboat? Buy lovely ornaments which you can use your hot glue gun and stick on the invitation card. This will surely impress your guests!

Nautical Navy Blue/White BOY Baby Shower Invites
Nautical Baby Shower Invites – BOY

Ok, I find these nautical baby shower invites stunning…

If you have a blank card, and want something to write ….Here are some wording suggestions:

Ahoy! It’s a Boy!
Come and celebrate the joy!
ring a gift or a toy,
Mommy and Baby will surely enjoy!

Sail Away with Us
On our new adventure
Join us for Mary’s and Bob’s Shower,
But don’t forget to come on the hour!

Nautical Theme Baby Shower Decorations

nautical baby shower decorations

image credit Rosy’s Manor

Click on the pictures to see if you can use these items to get that perfect nautical look as above! Or find a list of nautical items here.


Nautical Decorations

Suggested color hues:

For Boys: navy and white, accented with either yellow, red, or light blue

For Girls: navy, pink and white

Nautical Paper Lanters – set of 3

Fix the space by including different shades like deep blue and bright white together or try out other hues of blue/pink. Some great items you can implement for decorations include nettings, sailor man caps, ropes, paddles, seashells, anchors, a captain’s steering wheel, starfish, round life preservers, lighthouses and more.

nautical baby shower decoration ideas

Nautical Baby Shower Decoration Kit

Putting miniature sailboats or even messages in a bottle are also great suggestions which will complement the actual theme. Have each guest write a message to the parents (such as wishes or parenting tips) and put in the message bottle. You can locate this on a small table at the entrance; so instead of a sign in book you can have these messages.

nautical baby shower favor ideas

Some more nautical baby shower decorations here

Nautical Baby Shower Tableware

Complementing table cloth in white or navy with cups, plates, napkins. Here are some suggestions for boy and girl nautical theme baby shower supplies.

nautical baby shower supplies for girls nautical baby shower tablewareAhoy – It’s a Boy Plates

Nautical Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

A great idea for a centerpiece would be a tall light house decorated with the colors mentioned above and top it off with a tea light in a small tea light holder. You can also stack clay flower pots upside down (about three) to make a shape of a light house, paint them in white and blue and add the light on top. Surround this centerpiece with fresh flowers in a wreath form or sea shells and sand and you have yourself a beautiful nautical centerpiece

Lighthouse Tea Light HolderAnother easier centerpiece would be fill sand in a large vase and place pillar candle in the middle. You can add sea shells and ribbon for additional decoration. Place the centerpiece on a square or round mirror to give a larger effect.Other centerpiece ideas would be a mini sailboat or Captain’s Wheel diaper cake such as below;

Mini Sailboat Diaper Cake Captain’s Wheel Mini Diaper Cake

nautical baby shower centerpiece

Nautical Baby Shower Centerpiece

Nautical Baby Shower Favors

Nautical Navy Blue Gold Stripes Anchor Baby Shower
Nautical Navy Blue Gold Stripes Baby Shower Stickers

LOVE, love these nautical baby shower stickers! Personalize them as you wish. You can use them anywhere, even as cupcake toppers! (just stick them on card stock and voila!)

Girl Pink Nautical Baby Shower Thank You Favor Classic Round Sticker
Girl Pink Nautical Baby Shower Thank You Favor Classic Round Sticker
Have an interesting party favor, something like mini sailboat candles. They’re quite functional given that they work extremely well as decoration and as take home gifts, which in turn saves you a little bit more money and time. It’s a wise decision to stop by a craft store, or browse for one on the web, to start certain creativity and reveal those talents in motion.

On a budget? Consider making cookies created in forms of lighthouse, anchor or a boat. Here are a list of nautical baby shower cookie cutters; you can have sea shells, whales, crabs, anchors, sail boats, lighthouses, etc…This is great decor on the buffet table also. You might quite possibly send your invitees home along with a bag of goodies as a party favor. Package them in a nautical cellophane party bag with a custom-made label and then combine it with a ribbon or rope.nautical baby shower cookie ideas nautical party favor bags

Nautical Party Favor Bags

I love these nautical theme favor boxes, you can put candies or maybe even a mini scented candles.

Lovely Custom Nautical Navy Blue Gold Baby Shower Favor Box
Navy Blue Nautical Favor Boxes

Continuing with homemade baby shower favors, another great idea for a favor are mini Chips Ahoy cookies! That’s right they are already individually packaged. To spruce it a bit you can place them into plastic favor bags with and attach them with rope or navy/striped ribbon. You can also add a tag with a saying such as “Thank You” or “Terry’s Baby Shower“.
mini Chips AhoyOr if you like to give more of a practical gift to your guests, here are a couple that be useful; a bottle opener or a bottle stopperNautical Stickers for Hershey Kisses or Small Chocolates/Mints – qty 324

For even more luxurious party favors, you possibly can give out crystal sailboats or any other crystal favors.

Nautical Baby Shower Food Ideas

Of course, you might serve up just about any sea food. Crab or tuna salad offered on biscuits are a great appetizer. A few other food suggestions are: Crab cakes, shrimp cocktail, seafood rolls.

For the buffet table, commonly the punch bowl is the focal point. Simply include some blue food drops, and maybe also put a few little floating plastic species of fish. My final tip would probably be to cut-out the food items (like sandwiches) into different nautical. You can use the cookie cutters above.

Nautical Baby Shower Cake Theme

And as for the cake, I like to have individual cupcakes for everyone with cute nautical cupcake picks and these nautical cupcake liners. But you can surely make one big fondant cake for everyone to enjoy!

nautical theme baby shower cake


nautical cupcake picksAnother idea for the snack buffet would be popcorn in these little sailor popcorn boxes!
sailor popcorn boxesIn the event that the guests question you exactly what to offer for a gift, be prepared with a list of baby shower items the mommy to be might need. Lastly, nautical themed baby showers happen to be simple and with a very little creative imagination you will be able to organize the greatest shower. I hope you enjoyed the nautical theme baby shower decorations and ideas! Ahoy!printable nautical baby shower games

Printable Nautical Baby Shower Games

75. Angel Theme Baby Shower

Angels historically serve as guardians and messengers. They are symbolic of divine awareness, love, purity, faith, courage and compassion. If you are in charge of decorating for your friend’s baby shower or your godchild’s baptism, consider these clever ideas for incorporating angels into the theme.

Innocent Angels on the Babe’s Invitation

Angels are seen as being innocent, heavenly and pure. Babies are as close to perfect as human can be, and that makes angelic in a very special way. Start sharing the angel theme from the first moment of the party by choosing beautiful invitations featuring angels. The soft images and beautiful angels will help you set the theme for the party. Consider framing one of the exquisite invitations as a gift for the mother-to-be. It can be used at the party as an elegant centerpiece near the seat of honor.

Choose Heavenly Colors

The fluffy white of angel wings will be the dominant color for your decorations. If the gender of the baby is known, then take inspiration for accent colors from the sweet baby shower invitations you chose. If not, choose pastel green or yellow to highlight the colors. Put white helium balloons on the back of the mother’s chair, and include a few groupings of balloons in empty corners to dress up the space. When you run streamers around the room, mix white with your pastel accents and twist them together. A few stars purchased from the craft store can also be used to continue the heavenly theme through the room.

Transform a Cup of Tea or Cocoa

Delight the guests and make every drink more amazing by turning a simple mug of tea or coffee into something heavenly. Make cookies shaped like angel wings. Before baking the cookies, open a slot in the edge of each wing. When they are finished cooking, sprinkle them with sugar and hang them on opposite sides of a coffee mug.

Fluffy Wings for Goodie Bags

Every good baby shower needs games, and you want to carry the theme through the games and even the prizes. When putting the gifts in bags, add a three-dimensional touch by buying little craft wings at the store. Choose wings with fluffy feathers for a soft touch that will be reminiscent of gentle angel wings looking over the precious arrival.

Angel-Themed Games

Every good baby shower has games, and you can carry the theme into the games. Look online for angel baby shower games like the Angel lyrics game. Guests can work alone or in teams, and they have ten minutes to fill in the lyrics for a song chosen ahead of time. Include an answer key at the bottom of the page, and award angel cake with fruit topping to the winner.

When it’s time to throw a baby shower for a dear friend or family member, maintain a consistent angel theme from the original invitations to the final party prizes and thank you cards. The mother-to-be will love the theme, and the guests will also appreciate the unique aspect of the party.


Cute cakes that are perfect for a baby shower! There are animals of all kinds – elephants, lions, frogs … oh my! Jungle baby shower cakes seem to be the most popular! If you are planning an “Animal-Themed Baby Shower” – we’ve got some adorable animal cakes for you to see!
picture of an elephant jungle cake
  • To take the animal baby shower theme a step further, you could also serve Goldfish crackers, animal cookies and Swedish Fish
  • Cut sandwiches into animal shapes using animal cookie cutters
  • Make animal-shaped sugar cookies and serve as snacks or bundle them up and give them away to guests as a baby shower favor. Use the FREE printable jungle elephant tags (below) as favor tags for the cookies
  • Have stuffed animals displayed throughout the room of the shower. Hanging from plants, rope, etc

Some of the baby shower animal cakes below have been submitted by our amazingly talented readers (like you!)

How To Make An Adorable Fondant Baby Animals Cake

image of a fondant baby animals cake

Animal Baby Shower Cake For Boys: Submitted By Reader – Angela

I first made a cream cheese pound cake so I would have a solid base to support the fondant and the animals.

Then I used store bought fondant on part of the cake in the interest of saving some time.

And homemade marshmallow fondant on the other parts, such as the animals and the weaving on the bottom layer.

The bottom layer is a 10″ x 10″ x 2″ square cake, and the top layer is a 6″ x 3″ round cake.

I love the contrast of using 2 different shapes of cakes. It is as if the top round cake is sitting upon a platform.

I covered the bottom square cake in white marshmallow fondant and then weaved multiple pastel colored strips into a basket weave over the white fondant.

After covering the top layer with baby blue fondant, I set it on top of my bottom layer and added hand rolled balls that I made by combining the left over strips from basket weaving.

I mixed it only partially to get a marbled look.

The top layer ended up covering almost all of the weaving that took nearly an hour to do.

I didn’t think about it enough to figure that if I put a 6″ round on top of a four inch square that I would only have 4″ showing of the bottom layer.

It was originally going to be a “Noah’s Ark” theme but I ran out of time to duplicate the animals which I made a day or two before with fondant and left out to dry.

The baby’s name is on flat square block pieces that I made with gum paste and then placed them on silver wire at varying heights in front of the ark figure.

This is only the fourth fondant cake I have made and out of all of them, this baby animals cake is my favorite!

Easy Lion Cake With Cupcakes

lion baby shower cake picture


For this cute baby lion cake all you have to do is make 2 – 9″ round cakes, frost them and stack on each other, make 12 cupcakes, frost them and place around the cake. Make the face using fondant (add uncooked spaghetti for the whiskers.)

DIY Bear Animal Baby Shower Cupcakes

image of bear baby shower cupcakes


These adorable baby bear cupcakes make such a sweet impression and look like they would be hard to make, but actually, anyone can make them!

  • Make some chocolate cupcakes
  • Frost with chocolate frosting, using the frosting tip below
  • Add some small candy eyes (found at craft stores)
  • Melt chocolate (both white and milk chocolate) and color the white light brown and black
  • Pipe circles onto waxed paper to make ears and noses
  • Assemble the chocolate pieces onto the cupcakes and that’s it!

Baby Boy Animal Cake Instructions

image of baby boy baby shower cake

Cake Submitted By A Reader:

This baby boy animal cake was my first fondant cake!

I used my 16 in round cake pan for the bottom layer and an 8 in round for top layer.

I bought some fondant and rolled it out. Then I placed it on top of both layers separately.

The fondant was tucked under edges of the cakes and I stuck candy dowels in the bottom layer cake to hold up the top layer.

I made my animal cut outs with mini cookie cutters and my son helped make the balls around the outer edges.

With a paintbrush, I lightly brushed a bit of water onto each fondant cutout and ball and placed them on the cake. This helped them adhere to the cake a little easier.

I brushed the cake with edible shimmer dust (disco dust) and used a tapestry needle to “punch” holes on each animal to give them a sewn look! Everyone loved it!

I impressed myself with the fondant!
It was actually easy to use!

Oh, and the baby on top was made with fondant too! I did some internet research on what I wanted it to look like.

Easy Animal Baby Shower Cupcakes

Image Of Animal Cookie Baby Shower Cupcakes

These sweet animal cookie cupcakes are smothered in yummy sprinkles and are perfect for a baby shower or 1st birthday with a baby animal theme. They are adorable and so simple to make! Bake some cupcakes, shake, shake, shake the sprinkles on, and top off with animal cookies.

Farm Animal & Barn Baby Shower Cake

image of a farm animal barn baby shower cake

This cute Baby McDonald Farm Animal Cake was submitted by Trisha from Sherwood, AR. Below are her instructions for making the cake:

Farm Animal Cake Instructions:

  • About 4 days ahead of time we made the fondant farm animals. I found a package from Michaels to make the farm animals with the correct colors and amounts you would need.
  • About 2 days ahead of time, we made the Gingerbread barn. My husband made a pattern for the barn out of paper. I used a Gingerbread cookie mix out of a box, rolled it out, and cut the pieces out using a pizza cutter.
  • We also cut out the windows and window shutters before baking. We let it set for a day and then glued the pieces together using Royal Icing.
  • The shingles are made from Graham crackers 100 calorie packs and glued on with the Royal icing.
  • The fence and food trough is made from pretzel sticks and Royal icing.
  • The hay is shredded wheat.
  • The grass is coconut mixed with a few drops of green food coloring.
  • The dirt is crushed graham crackers.
  • I made two 9×13 cakes, crumb coated, and iced them. Then we placed all of the parts where we wanted them. We iced the barn after it was placed on the cake with the straight side of the #47 icing tip to make it look like the wooden slates on a real barn. Then we trimmed off the barn with white icing.

Below are some detailed pictures of this cute cake!

Farm animal barn baby shower cake banner
Farm animal barn baby shower cake picture
Farm animal barn baby shower cake picture
Farm animal barn baby shower cake picture

This cake is adorable and I am sure the guests just loved it! It is great the way you used Mason jars as the utensils holder and added the cute bale of hay with the cow on top. The farm animal theme is such a cute theme that allows for so many creative possibilities!

Some more cute farm animal decorating ideas are:

  • Serve chips in cowboy hats and place the dip on the top of cowboy boots.
  • Roll utensils in red or blue napkins and tie with strips of burlap or pieces of jute.
  • Cut cookies and sandwiches into farm-themed shapes by using cookie cutters.

Learn How To Host An Adorable
Frog Baby Shower

frog baby shower cake banner

Free Printable Elephant Clipart And Favor Tags

picture of elephant baby shower clipart

Print these cute elephants out from your home computer and use to decorate the baby shower! Click on the picture to print and get ideas for using them.


76. Babies in a blanket recipe for baby shower

Finger Food Ideas for Your Baby Shower

Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas

Everyone loves finger foods, especially at a party. Guests don’t have to worry about cutting up meat or awkwardly trying to finagle that spaghetti into their mouth and hosts don’t have to deal with loads of silverware to wash at the end of the day. Keep your finger foods particularly fun at your upcoming baby shower by playing up the theme a little bit. These baby shower finger food ideas are sure to be a hit, so prepare for an onslaught of oohs, ahhs and yums.

Pink or Blue Rice Krispies Treats

Bake a batch or two of Rice Krispie treats and cut them into bit sized pieces. Next, melt down some white chocolate and, depending on the baby’s gender, add either a few drops of red or blue to create pale pink or baby blue chocolate. If the gender has yet to be revealed, make both colors. Dip one end of the Rice Krispie treats into the chocolate and set on wax paper to cool.

Babes in a Blanket

These “babes in a blanket” are a baby shower approved spinoff of the original “pigs in a blanket.” You’ll need a meat link of your choice and a crescent roll. Instead of wrapping the meat completely inside of the dough, cut 1/4 of the top corner off of your roll and separate it from the rest. Wrap the bottom part of the roll around the bottom portion of the link to create a blanket. Wrap the remaining top corner around the top of the meat, leaving a section of the meat showing. The top corner portion looks like a hat, the bottom portion looks like a blanket and the meat looks like the face of your baby. Once cooked, use your choice condiment to create two eyes and a mouth.

Salad Wraps

To appease guests who are watching their figures, include some low calorie options on your baby shower menu. In addition to the standard sliced veggies and dip, opt for a delicious, savory and healthy salad wrap. Simply take a large piece of romaine lettuce and fill it with a tuna salad, chicken salad or similar. Wrap it up like you’d wrap a burrito and arrange them on a plate.

Berry Shortcake Bites

These non-alcoholic “shots” make for a light dessert everyone will love. To begin, select berries of your choice. Blueberries are a fitting choice if the baby is a boy while raspberries or strawberries work for girls. In a small, shot-glass sized cup, layer your berries, some light shortcake or angel food cake and top with whipped cream. Guests don’t need silverware for these berry shortcake bites since they can just pop them into their mouth.

Baby Carriage Watermelon

Impress your guests with a carved out watermelon, which looks far more complicated than it actually is. says to cut a bottom portion of the watermelon so it can rest flat. Use round orange or fruit slices and a toothpick to create four wheels. Next, cut out the shape of a baby carriage from your watermelon and scoop out the insides. Fill with bite-sized pieces of fruit, such as grapes, melon balls and berries. Have toothpicks nearby so guests can pick out their fruit.


77. Baby book baby shower invitations

Filling a baby’s nursery full of classic children’s books is so important. We make it easy to get a head start with our popular book baby shower invitations!

There are so many wonderful books that help shape a child’s first memories! It is so much fun to have each guest bring their favorite children’s book! Below are tons of unique book baby shower wording ideas to add to the baby shower invitations. Enjoy!

How To Tell Guests To Bring A Book Instead Of A Card

baby book instead of a card wording ideas banner

Cute & Clever Wording Ideas For Book Baby Shower Invitations

please bring a book instead of a card bannerpopular book baby shower invitations

  • One small request that wont be too hard
    Please bring a book instead of a card
    Whether Cat in the Hat or Winnie the Pooh
    You can sign the inside cover with a note from you
    (Baby’s name) will become very smart indeed
    If we begin early, he’ll soon love to read!
  • Just one last request, and we hope it’s not hard
    Please bring baby a book in place of a card
    By signing your book we will remember and share
    Your special gift, even when you’re not there
    -By RoseMarie
  • From Peter Rabbit to Mother Goose
    Goodnight Moon and Dr. Seuss
    Curious George and Winnie the Pooh
    Eloise and Babar, too.In lieu of a Card, please bring
    Your favorite childhood classic.
    Let’s build a library for (baby’s name)
    That will be fantastic!
  • Although cards are nice,
    with their sentiment and prayer,
    they’re read once or twice,
    then tucked away with care.A book is a treasure,
    with words and pictures that unite,
    to read over and over,
    night after night.So instead of a card,
    to baby and mother,
    please give a book,
    with your thoughts in the cover.Your book will be cherished,
    God will watch from above,
    when we read we’ll remember,
    your kindness and love.
    -By Becky
  • Book Baby Shower
    I need help with baby shower wording invites
    I want to ask my guests to bring books in lieu of a card but nothing long, just a few lines. If this helps I am having a boy! Thanks!
    (put this on a separate slip of paper with the invitation, we added little cupcakes on the too to match out theme) Short and sweet just as you asked.Just one little request we hope it’s not hard Please bring Danny a book in place of a card By signing your book we will remember and share Your special gift even when you’re not there!
  • Although cards are nice with their sentiment and prayer, They’re read once or twice, then tucked away with care. A book is a treasure with words & pictures that unite, to read over and over night after night. So instead of a card to Baby and mother, Please give a book with your thoughts in the cover!
Printable books for baby cards Banner

Ideas for Book Baby Shower Invitations

  • A card is something very nice,
    But maybe read only once or twice.
    So instead, think of sharing a book you see
    And mommy and daddy will read it to me.
    Please sign your name and add a note too,
    So I know this storybook was from you.
    I’m tiny now, just a sweet little tot
    But someday I’ll thank you with all my heart.
  • From Peter Rabbit to Mother Goose
    Goodnight Moon and Dr. Seuss
    Curious George and Winnie the Pooh
    The little Engine that Could, too.In lieu of a card, please bring
    your favorite childhood classic,
    Let’s build a library for ____ that will be fantastic!
    -By Alexandrina
  • The following book baby shower ideas were submitted by Susan:Everyone who was read to as a child has a favorite book they remember.Maybe it was published by Golden Books, or perhaps it was a classic like “The Cat in the Hat”.Send out invitations that look like a child’s book, with the time and place as the text for the book.Everyone is instructed in the invitation to bring their favorite book from when they were a child.The baby shower can be decorated with colorful characters from books or the books themselves around the room.Napkins can have the depiction of Pokey Puppy or other such favorites.For a game, each person can show their favorite book, tell what it is about and why they loved it as a child.Then they can present the books to the mother as an extra gift for the baby.

Ideas for Book Baby Shower Invitations

Book Baby Shower Garland

book baby shower image

Isn’t this book garland adorable?! What a cute idea! I found this over at Martha Stewart and thought it was such a clever idea! All you would have to do is cut out a rectangle out of card stock and then cut out several slightly smaller rectangle from regular copy paper. Fold them in half and then staple to a pretty ribbon or string.




The highlight of your baby shower? Why, the cake of course. More than the party favors, the silly games or the opening of presents, it’s the cake that everyone reallylooks forward to. Whether you’re looking for something pastel or sparkly, full- or bite-sized, there’s plenty to delight the eye and tastebuds. Scroll on for sweet inspiration.

Make room! Set these striking creations at the table, and you’ll give your shindig an instant upgrade.

Photo: Hudson Cakery

1. Lil’ Slugger Baseball Baby Shower Cake

If you’re planning on a pint-sized slugger, check out this fondant-covered wonder by Hudson Cakery. It’s a home run, right down to the brown sugar bat.

Photo: Hudson Cakery

2. Nursery Rhymes Cake

Curious why the dish ran away with the spoon? It’s because said dish was topped with this nursery-rhyme-themed cake by Hudson Cakery and they didn’t want to share. If you’re in the market for gender-neutral cake ideas, this one’s an adorable winner.

Photo: The Candid Appetite

3. Banana Pudding Cake

Dreamy dollops of whipped-cream frosting make The Candid Appetite’s banana pudding-stuffed cake extra sweet. Pop the whole thing in the freezer to help the icing set.

Photo: The Militant Baker

4. Flower Pot Cake

This fabulous flowerpot cake by The Militant Baker gets its garden vibe from molded buttercream fondant. As for the “dirt”? Chocolate cake, natch.

Photo: King Arthur Flour

5. Citrus Surprise Cake

For oh-so-pretty baby shower cake ideas for girls, consider a pretty pink number, like this princessy pick from King Arthur Flour’s blog. Its frosting flourishes are easy to pipe on, and the airy cake base leaves room for a second slice.

Photo: Cooking Classy

6. White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

It’s love at first bite! Cooking Classy’s heart-studded raspberry cheesecake is a demure, creamy take on traditional baby shower cakes. Don’t skip the Oreo crust — it brings welcome, chocolatey yum factor.

Photo: Sally’s Baking Addiction

7. Gender Reveal Cake

Gender reveal cakes can be cheesy, but this one’s pretty enough to impress even the judgiest shower guest. The lovely layered cake, by Sally’s Baking Addiction, gets its colorful punch from food dye and oodles of sprinkles.

Photo: Brown Eyed Baker

8. Chocolate Peanut Butter Overload Cake

Everything about Brown Eyed Baker’s swoon-worthy shower dessert oozes decadence. (The crumbled Reese’s! The ganache waterfall! The nutty-delish frosting!) This one’s best served cold, so stash it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

Photo: Particular Cakes

9. Baby Clothesline Cake

Sorry, first-time moms, but it’s true: You’ve got a lotta years of laundry ahead of you. Concede/celebrate with custom-cake maker Particular Cakes’ very cute ode to the chore, starring itsy-bitsy bibs, snuggly onesies, and teeny-tiny socks for teeny-tinier feet.

Photo: Baker by Nature

10. Hummingbird Cake

Here’s one of the most terrifically tropical baby shower cake ideas we’ve seen: Baker by Nature’s number gets pina colada-esque sweetness from bananas and pineapples. Use cake flour to give it a smooth, silky texture.

Photo: Peace of Cake Design

11. Stork Cake

How to avoid having The Talk with your kid: 1. Bake this impressive little number by Peace of Cake Design, complete with fondant stork. 2. Hang photos of said cake around the house. 3. When kid asks, “Where did this baby come from?” gesticulate wildly at said cake and go hide.

Photo: My Cake School

12. Elephant Clothesline Cake

If it’s sweet, gender-neutral baby shower cake ideas you seek, this darling elephant cake (also with that baby laundry!) is the answer to your prayers. The fondant-topped delight, by My Cake School gets extra pretty points from piped-on details (like the grass and the elephants’ polka dots).

Photo: Wilton

13. Surprise Gender Reveal Cake

This festive five-layer idea from Wilton requires just one cake mix, thanks to a special “Easy Layers!” pan. Cut into the cake and pink or blue sprinkles tumble out!

Photo: Domestic Fashionista

14. Whale Cake

This swirly bundle of sweetness by Domestic Fashionistais a whale of a good time. Mix up four colors of frosting to make the whirly waves. (If you’re feeling lazy, you can just smooth the shades up the sides with a spatula instead of piping them on in curls. Still a perfectly nautical baby shower cake idea—and your hand will remain in tip-top shape for the unwrapping of gifts.)

Photo: Erin Gardner, author of Erin Bakes Cake

15. Onesie Cake

As far as baby shower sheet cake ideas go, this Craftsy creation is as sweet as it gets. Just cut out the onesie shape (see the recipe—it’s easier than you think!), smear on buttercream frosting, toss on sprinkles, and pipe on a basic outline.

Photo: Style Me Pretty

16. Cowgirl/Cowboy Horse Cake

For cowboy baby shower cake ideas, take a cue from this hot-to-trot Western wonder: the Golden Zodiac cake spied on Style Me pretty. Its glimmery metallic accents add Pinterest-y cool factor. Serve with horseshoe-shaped cookies for extra yee-haw.

Photo: Rose Bakes

17. Sugar and Spice Twin Cake

What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice, like this cleverest of clever girls baby shower cake ideas. Rose Bakes’s lollipops and sugary delights are all made of fondant, but feel free to cheat and pop a few real lollies on there—we’re pretty sure no one will mind.

Photo: Cakes by Lynzie

18. Baby Sprinkle Cake

Easy baby shower cake ideas have one thing in common: sprinkles, and lots of ‘em. Get inspired by this this masterpiece by custom-cake designer Cakes by Lynzie. It’s covered in adorable pastel-hued rainbow jimmies, as well as some gorgeously crafted fondant.

Photo: Sweet Style CA

19. Blueberry Lavender Ombre Cake

This elegant stacker by Style Sweet CA brings its A-game with a gorgeous ombre facade (rendered in vanilla buttercream), a white-chocolate cake base, and lavender (!) ganache filling. It would look plenty pretty without the edible pearl toppers, but they do add a Hepburn-esque sophistication.

Photo: My Name is Yeh

20. Funfetti Pony Pinata Cake

Simple on the sides, party on the top: That’s the thought process behind one of the funkiest baby shower cake ideas we’ve spotted. The brainchild of food writer Molly Yeh, the donkey “pinata” is decked out in M&M’s—don’t smack him with a bat, but do bite his head off to see what’s inside. (Hint: it’s sweet and yummy.)

Photo: The Baking Fairy

21. Whale Boy Cake

Fishing around for baby shower cake ideas for a boy? This sparkly two-decker from The Baking Fairy has something for everyone: a vanilla topper filled with tongue-tingly homemade lemon curd and a chocolate base oozing with raspberry jam.

Photo: Cottontail Cake Studio

22. Woodland Cake

Looking for pastoral inspiration? Bambi and friends would approve of Cottontail Cake Studio’s darling woodland creatures cake. Fondant forest friends deliver bunches of cuteness in every slice.



Single-serve cakes make for easy serving and eating at a baby shower, where guests aren’t typically sitting at a table. Make extras! These picks are so tempting, guests might want more than one.

Photo: Persnickety Plates

1. Monkey Cupcakes

If you can’t wait to meet your mischievous little monkey, treat yourself to a teaser with Persnickety Plates’ darling simian snacks. Nilla Wafer ears and chocolate sugar “fur” serve up extra, textural cuteness.

Photo: I Am Baker

2. Succulent Cupcakes

Succulents flourish whether you have a green thumb or not—and the same goes for these gorgeous edible versions. To create the cacti on these haute cupcakes by I Am Baker, make a tasty tower of frosting and pipe on leaves with a flat frosting tip.

Photo: Preppy Kitchen

3. Rose Cupcakes

More garden-gorgeous baby shower cupcake ideas! Preppy Kitchen’s beauties are crafted with ultra-thick buttercream, and the cake base gets nice, tangy moistness from a scoop of sour cream. It’s elegant for any party, but extra sweet as a baby shower cake idea for girls.

Photo: The Baker Mama

4. Cosmic Surprise Cupcakes

These star-struck cupcakes by The Baker Mama are galactic goodness in a wrapper. Bonus: The centers are packed with celebratory sprinkles (think edible confetti). As baby shower cupcake ideas go, this one’s especially out of this world.

Photo: Lil Fish Studios

5. Woodland Cupcakes

We couldn’t resist more baby shower cupcake ideas with little furry creatures taking center stage. Use this delightful design from Lil Fish Studiosas inspiration. The moss is dyed graham crackers and the grass is candy shred. Genius!

Photo: Dessert for Two

6. Tiramisu Cupcakes

Pastels and fondant not your thing? There are plenty of delicious baby shower cake ideas with a more rustic vibe. Case in point: These yummy creations from Dessert for Two. The espresso-Kahlua soak is drizzled in after the cakes are baked, so leave a few virgin varieties for the expectant and nursing moms in the house.

Photo: What’s Gaby Cooking

7. Molten Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes

If you’re craving chocolate, these chocolate lava cupcakes by What’s Gaby Cooking are here to satisfy. So delish, so decadent. (If you’re watching your caffeine, as pregnant moms do, just curb your coffee intake that day.)

erin-gardner-star-baby-cupcakesbaby shower gift baskets
Photo: Erin Gardner, author of Erin Bakes Cake

8. Sparkly Moon and Star Cupcakes

Forget unicorn Frappuccinos. These glitzy little cupcakes on Craftsy = glitter for grownups. Cut pieces of parchment into stencils to make the dreamy moon and star shapes, and shake on star-shaped sprinkles like there’s no tomorrow.

Photo: Baked Bree

9. Bottle Cupcakes

What’s better than baby shower cupcakes? Baby shower cupcakes finished off with cookies, àla these baby-bottle topped cuties by Baked Bree. Pro tip: The cookie dough can be made a sanity-preserving day or two in advance.

Photo: The Hungry Housewife

10. White Cupcakes with Pudding Frosting

Baby shower cupcakes never looked so girly and lovely. These sophisticated treats from The Hungry Housewife look as if they’re straight out of a fancy-pants bake shop, but, in fact, they’re made easy-peasy out of Cool Whip and Jell-O pudding.

Photo: Simply Made Recipes

11. Champagne Cupcakes

It’s a cruel trick of pregnancy that it cannot be celebrated with a flute of bubbly. But these rose champagne cupcakes, by Simply Made Recipes, are the next-best thing (and they can be made with the nonalcoholic stuff, if you like). A drizzle of delicate raspberry champagne sauce adds extra flavor and festivity.

Photo: Everyday Dishes

12. Mini Onesie Cakes

Because onesie-themed baby shower cake ideas are oh-so appropriate, here’s another one, courtesy of Everyday Dishes. Made with 4-inch cookie cutters and blue- or pink-dyed frosting, they’re as cute as an actual cupcake.

Photo: A Farmgirl’s Dabbles

13. I Am Baby Cupcakes

Easy baby shower cupcake ideas don’t get simpler than this swirl-studded loveliness by A Farm Girl Dabbles. Squeeze the cream cheese frosting onto the cake with a medium round piping tip to get those satisfyingly perfect whirls. Top of with nonpareils and blue sugar pearls, and they’re ready to party.

Photo: Bakerella

14. Baby Block Cake Pops

Could Bakerella’s baby block cake pops be any cuter? Not unless they were served by an actual newborn baby. Display them standing up in a pretty colander, jars of sugar or (dare we suggest it?) another cake! Or wrap them in little to-go baggies for a tasty party favor.


80. Baby shower gift baskets

Whether this is the first shower you’ve been to or the 15th, you’ll never go wrong with one of these great baby shower gift ideas. From “Welcome Home Baby” sets to soothing toys that will help baby get some rest (and give parents a break!), there are lots of things to pick from to help celebrate a new arrival.

Pottery barn kids sleep sheep

This fuzzy little sheep is a new mom’s lifesaver. With relaxing white noise like Mother’s Heartbeat, Spring Showers, Ocean Surf and Whale Songs, it will calm baby down with the push of a button. Hang it outside the crib (it comes with velcro tabs) and send baby off to dreamland. (Truly one of the best baby shower gifts)


Photo: Courtesy of Sophie the Giraffe

Even if you’re not a parent, you’re probably already acquainted with Sophie—this bestselling teether is dangling out of the mouths of every baby on the street. This gift set includes the must-have teething toy, along with a beaded rattle, a Sophie la Girafe bag and a gift card.


Help baby make that first public appearance in comfy and cute style with this four-piece cotton set, which includes a short-sleeved bodysuit, knit cap, jersey cardigan and coordinating footed leggings. The modern chevron and star print comes in pink, blue or gender-neutral gray.



The best part of parenting? Watching baby complete all those amazing ‘firsts.’ Snap a photo of baby with these beautiful illustrated cards to keep track of every big milestone—from sitting up to smiling. At the end of the year, put them all together to make the best first photo book ever.



Baby will be the coolest kid on the block wrapped in one of these oh-so-soft cotton and bamboo rayon swaddles. We don’t know what’s more awesome—the black and white prints or their witty names (this pack of four includes Graffiti, Knuckle Sandwich, Gemstones and Zoonicorns).


Photo: Courtesy of Finn + Emma

Two all-time favorite baby playthings? Rattles and stuffed animals—and with Rattle Buddies, you get both in one adorable toy. Plus, these Buddies (you can get a variety of cute creatures) are made from organic cotton yarn and eco-friendly dyes, making mom happy too.


Photo: Courtesy of Artifact Uprising

Baby’s first year is filled with amazing moments—ones that mom won’t want to forget. This classic photo journal helps her document those precious memories, all bound in a beautiful foil-stamped fabric cover.


Want to win big with the baby shower crowd? These adorable “critter wrap” bath towels are an instant thumbs-up. Woven from soft, thick cotton velour and absorbing terry, each wrap has a hood that shows off the animal’s famous features—from friendly bunny ears to a funny elephant trunk. So baby will look even more adorable (as if that’s possible!).



Need a gift for a creative baby-to-be? Choose from this list of unique baby shower gifts that will spark baby’s imagination, like IQ-boosting ABC blocks, an educational toy subscription or a cute night-light.


It’s never too early to jump-start baby’s love of literature. The creative and colorful “BabyLit” series uses famous classics like Emma, Alice in Wonderland, The Secret Garden and Pride & Prejudice to teach baby about counting (that’s one English Village; four Marriage Proposals; five Bennett Sisters!), colors, flowers and more.



Talk about unique baby shower gifts! Step right up and meet baby’s purr-fect bedtime friend. This white ceramic kitty doubles as a soft glowing night-light, and with that expressive little face and adorable red ears, it’s sure to soothe baby right to sleep.



Help baby learn through play with this kid-tested toy subscription service. Just provide Please and Carrots with baby’s date of birth, and a box will arrive on the doorstep filled with developmental milestone-meeting baby gifts, parenting tips, and fun activities to try. Choose between a single box or an ongoing quarterly subscription—either way, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.



This baby blue Moby bath thermometer takes the guesswork out of bath time with a color-changing LED that tells you if the water is too hot, cold, or “just right” for baby. When it’s time to put Moby away, suction him to the tub or hang him up and use his tail “hook” to hold a washcloth.



G is for galaxy. N is for nanosecond. With iconic science-themed objects and concepts, these wooden blocks will give curious baby a heads-up on the wonders of the universe. The colorful handcrafted set comes with all 26 letters, plus two bonus blocks that introduce decimals and the powers of 10.



Say cheese! Classic toys like this wooden camera are sure to make baby (and mom) smile. And its even got the celebrity seal of approval— Blake Lively was gifted a toy just like this at her shower.



What new parent wouldn’t appreciate a beautiful baby shower gift basket? Think beyond the diaper cake with these ready-to-gift sets. We’ve gathered up the best selection, from baby essentials to play time sets and beyond.


This gift set from The Honest Co. gets new parents ready for bathtime with all the (non-toxic and natural) essentials they’ll need: the Perfectly Gentle Shampoo + Body Wash, Perfectly Gentle Conditioner, Perfectly Gentle Face + Body Lotion, Perfectly Gentle Bubble Bath and Organic Body Oil. The reusable wooden box it all comes in will make a great catch-all for baby’s tiny things.



In those first few weeks at home a new mom’s priority is figuring out how to keep baby content. This Aden + Anais gift set has everything she needs to do just that, with two breathable cotton muslin swaddling blankets, a bib, a little cloth puppy pal that can double as a burp cloth and Swaddle Love, and a book about the history and art of swaddling.


Among the best baby shower gifts? Launching baby’s library, which you can do with help from this sweet set that includes four iconic favorites: The Runaway Bunny, Goodnight Moon, Harold and the Purple Crayon and The Carrot Seed. The books come with a soft knit rattle and are even tied up with a fancy bow so they’re all ready for gifting. How easy is that?


Robots and sneakers and airplanes, oh my! If you’re looking for cute baby shower gifts for parents who are welcoming a son, you’ll love these great ideas we’ve gathered up, like a vintage-inspired mobile and a fun-filled activity mat.


Spills and spit-up are no match for this absorbent (and adorable) bib and burp cloth set. Made from soft cotton fronts and terry backs, the two bibs and the matching burp cloth feature a fun cityscape skyline design, perfect for baby boy!



When in doubt you can never go wrong with a blanket, and we love this sweet elephant-print one from Jojo Maman Bebe, a UK boutique that just arrived in the States. It’s perfectly sized for taking baby home from the hospital, draping over a rocker in the nursery or keeping baby cozy on those first walks out in the stroller.


This super cool activity mat is just right for playtime, tummy time, and any other time. Baby will find plenty of toys and tricks to keep him occupied, like a battery-operated musical buggy that moves back and forth across a special track, detachable stuffed robots, a dangling mirror, a puppy dog-shaped tummy time pillow, and of course the contrasting retro-robot design.



You can bet your friend’s little boy will be as fascinated with this classic mobile as a baby as he will as a kid. And the six World War 1-era model planes will look just as great hanging by his crib as they will years later hanging over his desk or bed.


Moover dump truck

Baby may have eight months to go before he can actually play with this sustainable wooden ride-on truck—it separates and dips for “pickups,” and there’s room in the driver’s cab for teddy to join the fun! Until then it will be a welcome addition to the nursery decor.



New parents expecting a girl will fall hard for these cute baby shower gifts, from sweet nursery decor items to sassy onesies and more. See all our baby shower gift ideas for girls below!

Photo: Courtesy of Madly Wish

This reversible blanket is sure to encourage plenty of snuggle time. It’s fuzzy on one side and features a lovely Rifle Paper Co. floral print on the other.


Two of our favorites joined forces to create a limited-edition treat for baby’s tiny feet. Designer Lindsay Stewart of Free Range Mama hand-paints three playful designs on these super-cozy Minnetonka moccasins that will dress up any outfit.


Petite Bello mommy was here bodysuit

This adorable Petite Bello baby bodysuit, covered in lipstick kisses, boasts the perfect message from mom to mommy’s little girl. It also features convenient snaps for quick diaper changes.



Send baby off to sleep in très chic style with these ultra-soft and smooth crib sheets. Inspired by a vintage French perfume ad, the whimsical print —a little girl floating away with balloons— will also inspire sweet dreams.


Photo: Courtesy of Project Nursery

There’s nothing more magical than welcoming a baby to the world—except, maybe, when you celebrate with the gift of a unicorn. This felted wool wall decor adds a touch of whimsy to any baby girl’s nursery.



Believe it or not, the one person who’s often left out at a baby shower is the guest of honor—mom-to-be! Surprise her with one of our favorite baby shower gifts for mom, including a mom massage, luxe PJ sets for the hospital, and chic, baby-friendly teething jewelry.

Hatch cashmere robe

Help mom-to-be stay comfortable throughout her pregnancy—and even during her ultimate trip to the hospital!—in this luxe, charcoal-gray cashmere robe by HATCH. This one has a tie to bundle up on chillier mornings and oversized pockets to stash a burp cloth, rattle or whatever you need.

Emily Meritt first year frame

Month by month, baby will grow and change in leaps and bounds, and this sweet collage frame gives mom and dad a place to put one photo from each milestone month, tracking baby’s growth over her first year. It’s one of the baby shower gifts for mom that keep on giving.



These beaded necklaces are so stylish, no one will ever believe they double as a teething toy for baby. But they do! Securely fastened, the beads are 100 percent FDA approved food-grade silicone and free of all toxins—plus, they can be thrown in the dishwasher for a deep clean. From


belly bandit labor and delivery kit

You may know Belly Bandit for its pregnancy shapewear, but the brand also boasts quite the winner among baby shower gifts for mom—a thoughtful labor and delivery kit. Just a few of the things it includes: shea butter, prenatal vitamins, face balm, disposable nursing pads and a charger built into a fringed keychain. And it all comes in a pretty black makeup bag trimmed in pink, which she can use on her much-deserved first post-delivery vacation.


Field trip mama bear mug

And one of the most affordable baby shower gifts for mom: this Mama Bear mug, complete with an illustration of a bear wearing a flower crown. Not only is it cute, it’s practical. You know the mom-to-be is going to need extra caffeine soon enough!


Those new parents spent hours picking out the perfect name for their impending arrival. Why not celebrate it with one of these hand-picked personalized baby gifts? Fuzzy bunnies, dish sets, rattles and artwork are all twice as special when they come with baby’s initials or name.


Personalized toys are keepsakes, for sure, but what about a personalized adventure story? The Little Boy Who Lost His Name (or The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name) takes kids on a journey to find the missing letters of their very own name—offering a spelling lesson to boot! It’s the perfect tale to kick off baby’s book collection.



Get more personalized bang for your buck with these beautiful handmade wooden rattles—you can add baby’s name and pick baby’s home state. With a smooth wooden surface carved in the shape of one of the 50 states and three colorful wooden beads, these rattles are perfect for gripping, shaking and practicing geography!



Who doesn’t like seeing their name in print? Commemorate baby’s arrival with these unique personalized board books. Depending on the book you choose, you can add things like baby’s photo, hometown, birthdate and birth height and weight, and they’ll show up throughout the durable pages.



Floppy cuddly ears and softer-than-soft fur will make this huggable bunny baby’s go-to favorite. Bunnies come in a variety of sizes and colors, and you can add baby’s name or monogram in a variety of fonts and thread colors to make it truly one-of-a-kind—just like baby!



Shake up baby’s nursery decor with this framed Vintage Rattle print by Katie Wahn for Minted. Choose the color theme, print and type of frame and then add baby’s name (or any word you’d like) to finish it off. Don’t want a rattle? Browse through tons of other nursery-friendly custom prints.



Want to make the future parents and all the baby shower guests LOL? We’ve rounded up the funniest baby shower gifts—from tongue-in-cheek pacifiers to silly board books.


Will baby be the next Banksy? Budding artists can start early by making a creative splash (of pureed peas and mashed carrots) on this funny “blank frame” bib. Note the silhouetted couple standing below contemplating baby’s genius “work of art.”



That bun in the oven is finally done cooking, so what could be better than these cheeky bodysuits? Made from a special Peruvian pima cotton, they’re almost as soft as baby’s newborn skin.



This tongue-in-cheek pacifier will help soothe baby into, well, making less noise than he was before someone popped it in! Perfect for all parents, who will surely need to check in with their sense of humor from time to time.



Are you the type to go the DIY route when it comes to gifts? If you’re in search of one-of-a-kind baby shower gift ideas that are handmade with love, check out these fun and creative ideas.


From felt and thread to ceiling hooks and screws, this easy DIY kit has everything you need to make a whimsical hot air balloon mobile. Choose from 45 different colors so you can match practically any nursery palette.


Building these blocks is as easy as ABC. Just buy and download the Olliblocks PDF (you can go with the starter set or try out other fun sets like Emojis or Merfolk), print it out, cut out the pieces and neatly glue them to a set of plain wooden blocks. Ta-da!


Cate and levi stuffed animal kit

Something to hoot about! This reclaimed wool owl will stand out in a sea of store-bought stuffed animals. Cate and Levi’s DIY kit comes with everything you need. All you have to add is your own creativity!



Even novice stitchers can tackle this easy embroidery and create an adorable piece of wall decor. All you need is a pair of scissors—everything else comes in the kit, including step-by-step instructions.