Painting with kids is a very good and beneficial way to spend time. It helps to relax and concentrate. Hand painting is a very cool idea! This particular type of painting helps to develop imagination and fine motor skills. We prepared for you a lot of awesome tutorials on painting using your hands and feet. Dip them in the paint and let’s create something amazing together! Set your imagination free and add a few details to your drawing turning it into something cool!

We have a lot of ideas on painting cute and lovely animals using the prints of your hands and feet. A yellow stamp of your hand can be turned into a cute hen! Add a few yellow blobs – these will be the chicks! A stamp of your foot can become a cute cow or a reindeer. You can paint a crab, a smiling crocodile, a lovely penguin, and even a dinosaur that looks just like a real one! We have a cool tutorial on drawing a unicorn for those who love these miraculous creatures. Just choose your colors and let’s paint!

A lovely hippo, a running giraffe, a cute panda, and even a gorgeous peacock – you can paint all these creatures just using the stamps of your hands and feet!

If you want to make this activity less messy, here are some cool ideas for using markers, not paints. A flying bird, a smiling fish, a lovely gorilla, a cool snake, a bright butterfly, a fluffy bunny, a crab, a dino, a dragonfly, and what not! Just use different silhouettes of your hand as the base for your drawing and turn on your imagination!


00:19 – Painting with your hands
04:13 – Drawing animals using your hands as a stencil
12:28 – Family memories painting

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