When do babies grab

When Will Baby Start Grabbing?

Babies are actually born with an innate ability to grasp things. In the beginning, this means baby will love tightly grabbing your finger when he can or holding onto his binky for dear life. But it’s not until the first three or four months that your little one will begin to develop a better sense of perception and be able to actually control his reflexes. (This is also when he’ll start to want to grab onto everything.) These days, dropping his toys and picking them back up will provide loads of entertainment, and learning the concept of cause and effect will be a big part of playtime. Encourage baby by playing along and offering him toys that will help develop this skill (think: fun rattles and squeezable toys).

Why do babies grab fingers?


Why do babies grab fingers?If you touch your finger to a baby’s open palm, in most cases his or her hand will almost instantly curl around your finger very tightly! That reaction is called the grasp reflex.Everyone has reflexes—automatic nerve actions that the body makes without being directed by the brain. Has the doctor ever tapped your knee with a little rubber hammer, and did your leg kick without your telling it to? That’s a reflex, and it happened without you thinking about it.

Babies are born with some special reflexes, including the grasp reflex. The suck reflex is another one. We see it when a baby takes a pacifier. Babies typically lose the grasp reflex at about three months of age, and they lose the suck reflex at about four months. But those original reflexes may help the babies later on when they are learning to feed themselves. Source: highlightskids.com