Homemade Baby Food Mom – Brown Rice Cereal

via YouTube Capture
Homemade Brown Rice Cereal РShort grain brown rice works the best. First your gonna need rice powder, you can make it yourself using your blender! Then your gonna add water to a pot on med high and when it starts to boil turn down heat to low & add some of your rice powder, more powder for a thicker consistency and less for a runny consistency (for a baby 4-6 needs to be VERY runny). You can always add more water to make it more runny. Whisk together for 10 mins. I added a peach pur̩e to the cereal feel free to add any fruits your baby loves or breastmilk & formula! I suggest making your rice cereal each day or storing a few in the fridge for a few days. It doesn't freeze well.