The Importance of Physical Activity for Children, Baby Exercise Tips

Janet Doman, the daughter of Glenn Doman, is interviewed by CBS about her new book, “How Smart Is Your Baby?” Janet Doman is the Director of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, a non profit organization that teaches parents about early childhood learning and development.

“It’s important to let children move. Very important, very important. You know if you think about it, a baby in utero is free. He’s in that warm aqueous environment where he can kick. He can even roll over and then he’s born into a world in which now he has one gravity pushing him down, he’s in a big fat body, he has to learn very quickly how to move in that new environment. The question is, are we gonna help him or are we gonna hinder him? Are we going to put him on his belly without a lot of heavy clothes and blankets and get down on the floor with him and encourage him to move, or are we going to bundle him up in five blankets? That’s really confining him from the neck down and when we do that, the baby must think you’re crazy. He needs to move.” Janet Doman

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