Best Puppy Teething Tips #1

Visit for the latest on dog technology and training. Expert puppy trainer and animal talker, Sharon Griswold, discusses puppy teething in the next few videos.

Teething causes discomfort in puppies. To relieve the discomfort, puppies nip, bite, and chew–EVERYTHING! In this video, Sharon shows mouth techniques that reduce unwanted chewing behavior.

For the first massage, puppy owners demonstrate using the hands outside the puppies’ mouth moving from front to back. Towards the back of the mouth, you should feel the molars under the skin. Use circular, left oriented hand motions to massage the area.

The second massage requires using fingers inside the mouth. Take one finger under the lip and explore the gum area under the jaw line. Move the finger in circular motions to the left.

This is #1 of 2 videos on puppy teething. Follow along for more puppy tips, and a healthy, interactive human/dog life.