5 Hacks For Raising Toddlers | Toddler Hacks to Help with Terrible Twos

I have 5 hacks for you parents out there raising toddlers – Yes, we love that they are so strong-willed and adorable. But sometimes, it gets a little overwhelming. Listening, giving them choices, and remembering that you are really doing your best are pretty important. I’m not saying you will avoid the terrible twos altogether, but it’s a start!

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Hey y’all – I’m Michelle – I’m a mom, a wife, a former wino and a lifestyle vlogger who likes to share (sometimes overshare). I am starting to make videos for Youtube because when I started my mom journey, I felt like it was so overwhelming and I was so lost. Also, I think having a community of moms is kind of important to make it through the first few years with a kid. Send questions! Send comments! Send your parenting tips (we all need em)! Anyway, here goes…