Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2 – Crash Test Mom Reviews

This week, I reviewed the Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2. This is the second generation of this product and the travel system includes the infant car seat but not the infant-to-toddler stroller. That confused me at first.

Click here for the Orbit Stroller Travel System – http://amzn.to/14ycO0s
– Seat rotation – Like the name implies, you can orbit the seat towards the car door to get the baby in and out easily, you can orbit the baby around the stroller so that they can take in the view or get out of direct sun, or you can just orbit a cranky baby for fun. A very nice feature.
– A lot of nice safety features to ensure the seat is installed correctly
– Comfortable, eco-friendly fabric that removes and cleans easily
– Easy and compact fold

– Infant-to-toddler seat sold separately – this means that you have to either change strollers or buy another seat when your baby grows out of the infant seat
– The stroller isn’t as smooth as it could be
– Cost – already pricey system gets pricier as baby grows – you can either get the infant-to-toddler seat or the toddler car seat G2 when that happens. The infant-to-toddler seat will not act as a carseat in your vehicle – it just stays on the stroller. The carseat is $379 and the infant-to-toddler seat is $280, so that’s over $500 worth of accessories that you might need in addition to the $940 base price with the infant seat.

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