UPPAbaby Mesa Review 2017



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So today we’re gonna do a review of the UPPAbaby Mesa 2017. Now there aren’t a lot of improvements from the 2016 because it’s already an awesome car seat, but the one change that they did make is on this particular color. Now this is the Henry color, and what they did differently is they made this out of bamboo fabric. What that means is that it’s naturally flame retardant, and they didn’t have to treat it with chemicals. I love that feature! Not only is it beautiful, but it’s going to keep chemicals away from your baby.

Now not only is the UPPAbaby Mesa sleek and awesome looking, but it’s also very safe. So some of those safety features – it has advanced head side impact protection integrated in the head rest. It’s also has EPP foam wings. EPP foam is designed to compress but not break in a car accident, so it’s absorbing that energy and directing it away from your baby.
Now three out of four car seats are installed incorrectly! And so I love it when companies are making it very easy to install, and that’s what the UPPAbaby Mesa does. Now, they claim they have a ten-second install, and the way they can do that is through the latch system. So what you would do is push these orange buttons, and that releases this ratcheting system.
Now they also added in some convenience features. So if you are installing with the seat belt, you can use the lock-off system. So you would feed your seat belt through here and then lock it off here, so you don’t have to use the lock off in the car. Now it also has level indicators, on both sides. Now in the seat, they have these little storage pockets for the buckle. And that’s gonna keep your harness out of the way so that you can easily buckle in your child. The fabrics are also very breathable and self-wicking, so it’s gonna keep the heat away from your child. Now, the fabrics are completely removable and washable, and you don’t even have to undo the harness in order to get those off the seat. Now they also have this nice hideaway canopy, and I love that it’s just not a bunch of fabric folded up in the back. Now they also have an adjustable harness height, so you don’t have to rethread your harness every time your baby grows. One of my favorite convenience features, though, is when you’re using this with an UPPAbaby stroller, to release it from the stroller, you just push this button right here and lift, so it’s an easy one-hand remove from those strollers.
The UPPAbaby Mesa is only compatible with UPPAbaby strollers right now. They are directly compatible so you don’t have to buy additional accessories – and there are even rumors that Baby Jogger is making adaptors for the City Select, but it probably won’t be released until 2018. The weight range for this car seat is 4-35 lbs, and it does include this infant insert, and that’s to be used from 4-8 lbs.
Now some things to consider with the UPPAbaby Mesa 2017 is it weighs in at 9.9 lbs but with that, you get more convenience features like your integrated harness-height adjustor. Now it’s also not compatible with very many strollers, so it’s really only a seat that you consider if you’re already getting an UPPAbaby Vista or an UPPAbaby Cruz.
Now the things we love about the UPPAbaby Mesa is that it’s so easy to use. We love that the installation is easy – it’s gonna get a correct installation every time. We also love how easy it is to detach from the stroller. We love the Henry color that offers chemical free flame retardancy – this is the only car seat on the market that can offer that! We also love that UPPAbaby offers an extended three year warranty on all of their products.
Now the UPPAbaby Mesa 2017 retails for $299 – except for the Henry color, that one is $349

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