Nuna Pipa Car Seat – What to Expect Review

Sleek styling, soft fabric, and lightweight too! Take a closer look at the Nuna Pipa car seat with our host Erin Stutland for What to Expect.

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Hi, I’m Erin Stutland with What to Expect and today we’re talking about the Nuna Pipa car seat. Now as you can see, this is a really good looking car seat, but it also has some unique safety features. We could talk all day long about how good looking something is, but if it’s not safe, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s talk about the safety features. The base will clip directly into your car using a LATCH installation system. There are little indicators here on the sides that will go from red to green so that you know it’s installed correctly. Additionally, there are little bubble levels on either side to also let you know that it’s installed correctly.

What’s also unique is the stability leg here, which will reach down to the floor of your car and let you keep the car seat in place in case of an accident or a sudden stop.

Now, as a city dweller myself, this is one of my favorite car seats because of the look of it, but also because of the feel. Weighing only 7.9 pounds, it’s super light and it fits into smaller spaces, if you have to keep this in your apartment.

It also has a nice sun shade. This is weather resistant. It’s UPF 50 and it also muffles out sound. So if you are using this to clip into your stroller, it’s great for around the city.

The downside of this car seat is the price point. At $299, it comes in on the higher side of car seats.

Now, the upside is that it is compatible with the Nuna stroller, or you can purchase an adaptor to go with any stroller you might have such as the Vista or the Bugaboo.

This car seat can be used for your baby from four to 32 pounds, and up to 32 inches. So there is a little bit of a time limit on it, but you’ve got awhile using this car seat.

This is great for any parent who is style conscious and on the go. Because it’s so light weight, it’s easy to carry around and take in and out of a car at any time.