Puppy Teething Pacifier, Teethings Tips #2

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The final puppy teething tips massage requires fingers inside the mouth. Take a finger and go under the lip. Use circular motions to the left to massage the gum line. The Mastiff puppy in the video displays discomfort during the initial process from a sore gum line that results from molar breakthrough. In the video, Sharon continues the massage as the puppy begins to lean into the hand. Sharon determines “there is a huge bubble where the molar is breaking through.”

On the right side of the jaw, the puppy is less fuzzy. Sharon suggest the mild gnawing communicates that the puppy is unfamiliar with feeling the fingers inside the mouth. Sharon also indicates that the molar has broken through on the right side. The puppy is not as fuzzy during the massage on the right. That’s a clear signal that the left side is more sensitive. Pay attention to puppy signals for a better massage experience.


½ chicken broth
½ water

Pour the mix into an ice cube tray and freeze. When you suspect that the puppy wants to chew, give the ice cube. Careful with slippery floors from melted PupCicles.

Frozen Puppy Knot

Take a terry dish cloth, make a knot in the middle, then use scissors to slice and knot both ends. Dip the knot on the same solution as the PupCicles, and freeze inside a freezer bag. Use it when you think the puppy needs a teething toy. Once it thaws, refreeze for further use.