Great Baby Gift Ideas on a $20 Budget

Most people think that choosing baby gifts is an easy task but when they get to the store, it becomes hard to decide just what to buy. Choosing the best baby gift isn’t exactly a walk in the park. There are many things to consider. Is it for a boy or for a girl? Is it age appropriate? Is it safe? And if choosing BABY GIFTS wasn’t hard enough, a lot of them are pretty expensive, too!

The most important thing to take note of is that babies grow quickly. What you don’t want to do is spend a lot on things that the baby will only be able to use for just a short amount of time. A lot of people—especially parents—have the urge to shower young ones with many expensive toys and clothes to show their love for them. However, it is possible to give them great gifts without busting your wallet. Here are some useful baby gift ideas and suggestions. All you need is $20:

• Clothing

If you are not the parents themselves, it is not recommended that you buy clothing items as BABY GIFTS because the baby would surely outgrow it quickly. Chances are you wouldn’t even get the baby’s size right. Shoes are highly discouraged because not only are they expensive, they are also rarely used and the baby will outgrow them before you know it.

There aren’t much gift choices for new born babies. New born baby gifts include clothing pieces and maybe even something for mum. You can opt to give stylish bibs that cost below $15 each. They look good on baby and they help mum prevent mess.

For older babies, instead of getting clothing pieces for the baby, you should get them accessories like hats, bracelets and pendants. Hats are stylish and they protect baby from the sun. You can give these hats as baby gifts for boys and girls for as low as $16 each! It would take a while for babies to outgrow them so it’s worth it. Bracelets and pendants can be used daily and the little one would still be able to use it even as he grows. These can range from as low as $3 to $17. Since they’re really cheap, you can afford to buy a lot.

• Toys

Babies don’t care about fashion, they want fun and entertainment! The best toys to gift are not necessarily the high-tech ones. They should be educational but fun—something that will get their gears working.

Because they are BABY GIFTS, the toy has to be safe. Toys with small, detachable pieces and sharp edges are discouraged. Another thing to consider when buying toys for baby is if the baby has any allergies. If you are unsure, you ought to not buy any fluffy, stuffed toys. Although they are cute, they can trigger allergies and even asthma!

There’s nothing like a nice rattle for younger babies. Forget about the common, ordinary ball-shaped rattle. You can get interesting animal, dinosaur and monster rattles for as low as $14 each! Babies like to nibble and chew on anything they get their hands on so it would be better if the rattle was made of soft materials. Aside from rattles, you can give them hand squeakers. These also come in interesting forms and you can get them for $16 each. Some stores sell stuffed animals without the dangerous fluff so they are considered safe even for new born babies. They come in cute designs, too. They sell for around $16 and they are especially popular with the kids.

If you want a more educational gift, you can buy flashcards for only $19. Mum can use these to help her teach baby how to speak or read. For older babies, you can give them simple puzzles for $13. There are also more challenging puzzles to get their brain all revved up. Alphabet stacking toys are also a good fun and educational toy choice and they cost around $19. Do-it-yourself dolls are really fun and challenging. Older babies will have lots of fun trying to put them together and they’re only $11! Parents would greatly appreciate these educational gifts.

Unleash the Da Vinci in the little ones by gifting them with arts and crafts toys such as stamp pads and painting sets. Kids have the wildest imaginations and they express this through their art. Give gifts that will enhance their artistic capabilities. Let them play with colors and shapes and watch them create the most beautiful and out-of-this-world art. Colourful stamp pads and stamps with cute designs are less messy than painting sets and they cost around $13 to $19. Painting and crayon sets give more freedom to the child and he is sure to enjoy it. These sets sell for as low as $13.