Tips/Hacks for New Parents Ideas To Clean Babies, Treat Diaper Rash, & Mask Diaper Odors

Being a parent is hard, especially a new parent.

I’m all about trying to find little ways to make life easier. These simple tricks were super helpful when I first brought my babies home from the hospital.

They were so helpful in fact, that I’ve continued to use these hacks even though my youngest baby is 3 already!

1: A newborn’s skin is so sensitive. My pediatrician recommended only using water to clean my babies in the beginning, and not to bathe them until the umbilical stump came off.

These DIY baby wipes were the perfect answer! They are cheap convenient, gentle, and completely effective.

2: Baby powder is a huge help when trying to prevent/heal diaper rash. But I hate how it gets everywhere you don’t want it and misses wherever you do want it when you shake it out of it’s container.

Putting baby powder into a container and applying it with a cosmetic poof is so much easier. You can control the exact amount and placement of the powder.

3: Diapers stink, there is no way around it. And let’s be realistic here. When you have even 1 baby, changing the bag every day isn’t always going to happen.

Using a diaper bin is a great way to block diaper odors from spreading, but not always enough. By using a dryer sheet to absorb odor and car air fresheners to mask odor, you can greatly cut down diaper stink!

Just be sure to change the dryer sheet each time you change the bag, and the car fresheners whenever needed.

These are just a few tricks that I used with my kids. If you have any that you think I’ll like please share them. It takes a village, right!

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