Christmas Gift Hiding-Hacks for Moms | Jinger from Millennial Moms

Here are the top gift-hiding hacks and tips for moms! Saving Christmas is a spoof on all of the sneaky little snitches out there giving Santa a run for his money! Everyone can relate to one of the three characters, or all of them…like me, and it’s fun to celebrate these little unspoken battles between parents and children! I’m Jinger and I post videos to Millennial Moms every other Saturday!

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Growing up I had a brother just a two years older than I, and we would go to great lengths to peek in the Christmas presents! My mom and dad caught on to our tricks and started fighting back, and it made it even more fun!

The Christmas season is my very favorite time of the year, and I love that we can share it; here on Millennial Moms! The future has wonderful things in store, so be sure and SUBSCRIBE, and hit the bell, so you can get notified every time a video goes live!

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