Crochet Owl Beanie – Part 1 – Yolanda Soto Lopez

In Part one of this tutorial you will learn how to make the beanie. The ear flaps and eyes.. Whew that was a lot. Due to the fact that I didn’t want this to turn into an hour long video, I have decided to split it up into two parts. In part two we will continue with crochetin the beak, sewing on our face and doing all of our finishing touches. You can make this beanie! Sizes available from Baby to adult. Even for those tough burly men

Some size suggestions (everyone crochets differently) Infant- Size G Hook, Babies Size H hook, Toddler Size I hook. To crochet a beanie for an older child use a size J hook and a medium weight worsted yarn. For adults you can use a size K hook and a heavier weight of yarn (maybe even a chunky weight. The pattern is the same for all sizes. Only the size of hook and weight of yarn changes. This makes this the perfect beanie pattern for all sizes. From Baby – adult size. Follow the same pattern. Happy crocheting

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Written pattern coming soon. If only there were more hours in the day.