Pregnancy Sleeping Positions and Postures with Dr. Karen Litos, PT, DPT, WCS (WBW Ep.10)

This video outlines sleeping positions and postures in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. In this episode of WBW we are joined by Dr. Karen Litos, Obstetrics Physical Therapist and Board Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist.

Dr. Litos outlines sleeping positions and postures in the second and third trimesters, demonstrates props and postures to better achieve these postures, and then offers alternative postural ideas as well.

Dr. Litos shares considerations for positioning during pregnancy, and how to avoid increasing pressure on the inferior vena cava, which may increase the chance of dizziness & headache in 10% of women.


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*DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational purposes only. Please do not implement anything in this video before speaking with your healthcare provider first.

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