Place a finger under the nose to prevent sneezing. Doing that brain receives an alarm signal and stops the sneezing reflex.
Let’s imagine that you are in a very important meeting or talk with a person and can’t stop and your bladder’s demanding a release. Do not cross your legs or press the lower part of your stomach. Watch our video and learn the best pose when you need to control your bladder.
We share with you a simple way to get rid of your hiccups – raise your arms back above your head and wait a bit.
Excessive drinking may cause a toxic environment in the inner ear that why you start suffering from vertigo when you are lying in the bed after an alcohol party. There is an easy treatment put one foot on the floor and the brain will receive a signal that you are standing something firm.
Do you know the quickest way to reduce stress level without pills? Suck your thumb in times of crisis or stress.
If your hand falls asleep, you can easily wake it up by shaking a head. If you are having a spasm in your leg, pull your big toe and the muscles will be stretched and spasm will be reduced very quickly.
Also, you will find a selection of effective solutions for small problems like spilled nail polish, different kinds of stains and other annoying situations. It’s a very embarrassing situation when you wear a floaty skirt or dress on a windy day. Don’t worry and attach coins to the skirt. If you want to get rid of underarm odor, use vodka. If you spilled some nail polish on the wooden surface, don’t worry and use sugar to save the situation.

00:09 Genius tips for awkward situations
00:36 How to stop sneezing
01:47 What to do if you are worried
06:23 Slippery shoes?
08:08 How to get rid of foundation stains

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