Brilliant gift giving ideas and hacks

Giving gifts to the people we love is something that happens at least two or three times every year around. We give them gifts for Christmas, their birthday and on any special occasion. Sometimes, giving gifts however can be a little bit repetitive and boring, so, in this video, we bring to you some brilliant gift hacks that will revolutionize the game.

If you have someone at work or in your family who know better than anyone what they need and they can buy it for themselves, you can save yourself the trouble and give them some money instead. Even though giving someone money can be seen as rude or faceless, you can get creative and humoristic about it as we did with the Mcdonalds packaging in the first video.

We also have a lot of hacks that relate to money that you can find very useful.
– We show you how to fold money into an awesome engagement ring.
– We show you a super cool hiding place for your money. You can place them inside a rice container in the middle of another container that can’t be seen from the outside.

If you are going to a baby shower and you are looking for ideas on what to get for the future parents and their baby, we found the perfect hack for you!
– We show you how to create lovely lollipops made out of washcloths as a DIY baby shower gift that you can turn into a lollipop bouquet.
– We show you how to create an awesome looking 2-layered cake for the baby shower made out of nappies. Let’s face it, all new parents go through a ton of nappies in a week, and a nappie present is very well though.
– In addition to those, we also show you how to fold new-born baby clothes in order to turn them into awesome looking cupcakes that you can bring with you at the baby shower.
– Baby socks are some of the cutest little things ever, it’s that one particular item that when you look at it, it gives you baby fever. So, in this video, we also show you how to turn baby socks into awesome looking roses that you can add on a piece of polystyrene and turn them into a magnificent bouquet.

Watch our whole video to find all out all of our brilliant and super easy gift ideas that will inspire your next present.

0:07 – Mcdonals money fries
0:53 – How to fold money like a boss
2:27 – Baby shower gift ideas
5:04 – Mini baby clothes dispenser
5:42 – Creative ways to wrap gifts
8:17 – How to make a gift bag
9:33 – Awesome hacks with soap
10:12 – Brilliant rose made out of soap
10:50 – Soap crystals
11:53 – Soap and loofah hack
12:22 – Awesome and creative gift boxes
15:05 – Creative ways to give cash as a gift
16:35 – Cash machine dispenser
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