9 Crafts From Items Found In Your Home

Do you have empty mason jars, baby jars, or broken hangers lying around the house? If so, don’t just throw those items out, but upcycle them and turn them into amazing crafts.

First, we will show you had to take a few pieces of paper and turn them into a pop up flower card that any family member or friend would love to recieve.

Then, reuse your empty baby jars by adding some paint and a tea light to create a useful night light.

Speaking of night lights, take an empty jar and some pebbles for a one of a kind, colorful light that will illuminate any room in your house.

Next, take old light bulbs and with a little paint and glue, you can make your very own hourglass that will be a great addition to your bedroom.

Still have tons of empty mason jars around your house? Well this video will show you two more crafts using a glass jar. Like, an organized place to store all your ribbon? Or a clever way to display your photos. Well the next two crafts are for you.

Lastly, take all your broken wooden hangers and create a one of a kind side table and desk. Who knew hangers, which are used to hang your favorite clothing items, can be transformed into stlyoish furniture.

0:08 – DIY Pop Up Flower Card
1:54 – DIY Baby Jar Night Light
2:25 – Glass Pebble Jar Light
3:10 – DIY Hourglass
7:23 – DIY Key Holder
8:51 – DIY Ribbon Holder
10:00 – Personalized Photo Jar
10:36 – DIY Hanger Side Table
12:04 – DIY Hanger Desk

Craft Factory will teach you how to DIY – from upcycling old clothes to transforming food into pretty designs, we have it covered.

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