9 Parenting Hacks In Less Than 9 Minutes

Now that Parker is 9 months old we decided to make a list of 9 parenting hacks and tips and tricks we learned in the last 9 months. We hope they help you!
PS: Watch to the end to catch our bonus tip!

Comment below with your own parenting hacks!

1. Use distractions when changing your baby’s diaper
2. Use books to keep your baby quiet
3. Baby proof your house with rubber bands
4. Put tape over electrical outlets
5. Keep a specific bedtime
6. Cut your baby’s nails while they’re drinking from a bottle
7. Use a heater to help your baby sleep
8. Hang your baby’s onesies on hangers
9. Bring Cheerios everywhere!

Life With A Newborn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHNHoIJulNc

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