Babee Laptime promotes mother and baby bonding, baby colic relief, and reduces acid reflux in babies

How often do you wish you could hold your baby for breastfeeding without your arm getting tired, or having to switch positions for comfort all the time? Now you can! Babee Laptime is the only seat that is design specifically for you to hold your baby in your lap!
This way you can focus on spending more time bonding with your baby.

For those looking for a way to reduce symptoms of colic & acid reflux in their babies, breastfeeding has been shown in scientific studies to do just that,
“Even after controlling for possible-confounding factors, the chances of having colic was 1.86 times higher among non-breastfed infants than among breastfed infants.”

Babee Laptime can help by offering a comfortable position to nurse in for a longer period of time. It also keeps your baby at the recommended 30-45 degree angle to promote proper digestion.

Babee Laptime is also machine washable and comes in several different colors.