Baby Applesauce – baby food recipe +4M

Which is the simplest and most delicious recipe with apples????? mmhhh…Applesauce!!
the homemade one?…even better!
why I really like it?
it tastes good, like apples
apples are in season, the taste is even better
it’s not a real baby food…you can enjoy it at 6 months…or at 40 years. it’s yummy, no matter how old you are
it’s a totally delightful fat free snack (if you are 40 yrs) or a healthy creamy snack (if you are 6 months)
And what about homemade applesauce to be served on top of homemade baby pancakes??? check this recipe too

If you would like to check the ingredients’list, please have a look at

Homemade Applesauce

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