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New baby on the way? Get my MUST-HAVE newborn checklist items to help new baby stay clean!
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Hello Mamas!

For all mothers-to-be out there, it’s never too early to start thinking about baby bath products! Once your new baby is home from the hospital, you’ll need to stock up on bathing essentials to keep your baby squeaky clean! There’s nothing better for a mom than the smell of a newly-washed baby! Come join me today as I walk through all your basic bathing necessities for baby!

Newborn Checklist Items

Hooded Newborn Towel: Isn’t this just the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen? Aside from being so darn adorable, this hooded towel is great for getting your baby dry and keeping them warm after bath time is over. A must-have for any new mom!

Washcloths: You’re obviously not going to plunge your baby in the tub as soon as they’re home from the hospital! These cloths are so helpful when giving your baby their first sponge baths. You’ll also have the option of choosing either a regular washcloth or this very convenient wash mitt. It’s important to note that any towel or cloth that comes in contact with your baby’s skin should be washed first with a softening detergent before use.

Cleansers: When starting your newborn in their sponge baths, you’ll want to start with very gentle, mild liquid cleansers. Some examples I have here are Johnson & Johnson Baby, Aveeno Baby, and Cetaphil. I do have a show going into more details on how to bathe a baby if you would like to check that out!

Baby Bathing Tubs: After a few weeks, your baby will be ready for a bath in a baby bathtub! The one I have here is very girly and I absolutely loved having it for my babies. The baby insert inside can be removed when your baby gets a bit bigger. These are perfect tubs for making the transition between sponge bathing and the big kid bathtub!

Grooming: This is a fun topic! Here I have an assortment of soft little hairbrushes for your baby to help you “style” their hair. In addition, you’ll want to clip or cut your baby’s nails to keep them from growing too long and hurting your baby. You can do this with either a nail clipper or a pair of nail scissors. I’m still intimidated by this, but watch my video here for tips on easy nail-clipping for babies! In addition to clipping, there are mini nail files for babies if they have a jagged edge on their nails.

Health: Here I have an assortment of thermometers. You can choose from normal thermometers to rectal thermometers and even ear thermometers. I would recommend the rectal thermometers. They tend to be the most accurate. Make sure you clean them well before use! Nasal aspirators are also a wonderful thing to have on hand as your baby can get a lot of gunk in their nose! Saline nose drops are also helpful when they have clogged nasal passages. Lastly, Q-tips (made especially for babies!) are perfect for cleaning out your baby’s ears. Be very careful and make sure to follow the directions!

Lotions: These are wonderful, gentle lotions for your baby. It’s such a wonderful way to keep your baby’s skin healthy and glowing. And, a little massage after bath time provides some really good one-on-one time for you and your newborn!

I’ve provided a nice graphic for you moms, listing all the baby care basics and quantities you’ll need to be ready for your baby! Good luck and happy baby bathing!

Anything else I missed on my newborn checklist? Share in the comments below!

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