Baby Food Recipes For 6 To 12 Months Old/Baby Porridge Ideas/What My Baby Eats

In this video, I will be sharing with you baby food, milk, and porridge my baby eats in a day.They consist of Aptamil follow on milk, Cow and Gate porridge, Weetabix cereal, Heinz porridge etc.

These are baby food products that I am feeding my baby she loves them and the whole family loves them too. I do not have any reservation or complaint about any of the product as they serve my daughter well and keep her full and satisfied.

Apart from feeding her these porridge, I also feed her little portions of my Nigerian food.
I hope you enjoy and find this video interesting, please leave your comments in the section and I will be glad to respond.
Baby food recipes for 6 to 12 months old, what my baby eats in a day. Baby porridge ideas.