Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller

For a stroller that only weighs fourteen pounds and can fold into a backpack, it’s pretty sturdy and comfortable. Ryan (and Charlotte!) tell you all about it.

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At only 14 pounds, and you can fit the whole Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller (folded) into a backpack that comes with it (and in the overhead bin of most airlines). Some parents say they need two hands to complete the folding, but it’s still pretty fast and easy. The cargo space is a bit cramped (as you’d expect from something so small and foldable), but one cool feature is there’s a compartment for storing the backpack that comes with it.

Although the brand name is Baby Jogger, that doesn’t mean it’s a durable jogging strollers. Nonetheless, the durability is pretty decent for a lightweight travel stroller. If you keep off rugged terrain, it can hold up to everyday use. Watch out though: some people say the wheels get damaged if you go over rough ground.

With all the portability, it hasn’t lost the typical features you’d expect of a nice stroller: it’s got multiple recline positions (including a near-flat one), a sun canopy with a peekaboo window, and a 5-point harness. Important to note though: you can’t put a carseat in it. With no car seat option or flat recline position, it won’t work for newborns. The handlebar isn’t adjustable, but tall people can still use it without hunching. Accessories like the cup holder and the weather shield are sold separately.


Weight of stroller: 14.2 lbs
Child weight limit: 45 lbs
Storage basket weight limit: 15 lbs
Child height limit: 40”
Wheel filling: Plastic
Suspension: None
Machine wash cold, air dry
Dimensions Unfolded: 35.82” x 17.71” x 9.05”
Dimensions Folded: 22.04” x 17.71” x 9.05”

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