Baby Shower Color

Throwing a Baby Shower: The Perfect Colors

A baby shower is an exceptionally special and joyful party. It’s time to celebrate your child’s arrival with their family and close friends. Given the occasion, you should come up with the perfect plan to create special moments to remember.

Today we want to show you the right colors for your baby shower. We have a palette for every decor selection, gender, and decor resource available. Traditionally pink for girls and sky blue for boys, these color schemes change in an infinite number of different ways.

Baby colors are really the presence of baby clothes, baby room decor as well as dolls and toys. Check out the perfect colors and combinations for your baby shower in our post today.

Mix your favorite colors. Use at least two colors to keep your team’s decor from becoming irresistible. Adding any color to white is a popular option. Below we show you some examples of the perfect color combination for the baby shower.

Pastel colors with other bright colors

Choose a pastel color

Choose a pastel color like pink, sky blue, or lilac. Adding white or chalk like a light color to your light color will look absolutely right. They create a beautiful, balanced environment. Widely used combination of pink with white and green with white. When browsing party items like cups or cutlery, try pastel colors like pink or sky blue as these are the most popular options.

Pastels of different colors

Using white with a rainbow of pastel colors creates a magical decor. Use plenty of peeling white throughout the decor to keep it from looking too busy with your paint. Pastel colors look perfect with white and are just gorgeous. You can make decorations with rainbow, marshmallow and candy, of course in all pastel colors.

There is mint

Mint green is very trendy these days and is the best choice for baby shower decor. When you combine it with white or light, natural colors will refresh and calm your settings. Try using several mint green and metallic white balloons together.

Gray and yellow

The combination of gray and various yellow tones will be an excellent way to invite your guests to your party. Try a light gray and alternate between different shades of yellow to match your decor elements. Try to fit in tones that range from highly saturated tones to pastel shades.

Pink and lilac

Pink and lilac go very well with each other, so you can create all sorts of combinations. For example, try using balloons together in your decor and color options.

The body is pink with dark brown and the sky is blue

Pink, sky blue, and brown are also great baby shower decoration trends. As long as you are using these colors in your party decor, try to limit the brown to individual decor details. Dark brown has a strong presence, so you should mainly use pink and sky blue to keep your balance.


Baby Shower Color Schemes

The trendy baby shower is always in season and there are fantastic color schemes for the baby shower in 2020! Regardless of what your personal preference for warm or cool colors, you can easily find a great color that can really make your baby shower “you”. You want to make sure you pick the colors you like and give them to your hostess so she can plan your shower the way you want. If you have a specific theme in mind, you can also give it to your hostess so that she can choose a colorful theme that goes with your favorite shower theme.

In recent years, color trends have developed from super light colors to extremely subdued browns and browns. Black and white, shiny and clean, lively and loud, messy and fun, there was something that came to the baby shower when everyone said the same thing in 2020. There are colors for those who prefer subdued and quiet showers and the colors that make it up and fun. Regardless of what kind of personality your mom has, you can find a colorful theme that suits her style.

Choose your baby shower color scheme

When choosing a color theme for your baby shower this year, start by choosing a color that you are comfortable with. The color theme is only liked by your friends, it doesn’t mean you have to choose it. It is your baby shower and it reflects your style and preferences. The same goes for hostesses. Remember this shower is for mom. If your style is different from yours, then you should respect them.

The color of the year

With 2020 comes a new color of the year. While there are still some interior designers and critics who disagree, emerald green is the 2020 color winner. Some colors that are considered the color of the year are lemonade, true orange, and Monaco blue. Don’t worry, all of the beautiful color trends for 2020 go well with these colors, especially the emerald greens.

What other colors do you see when it comes to baby shower color trends in 2020? Why don’t we look at both the spring and summer colors and the fur and winter colors:

Spring and Summer Baby Shower Color Scheme

The spring and summer colors for 2013 are full of pastels, turquoise, pink and brown. Of course, the 2012 neon trend will still persist, don’t worry, but it’s a little quieter than last year. You will find that each great spring and summer color theme gives you a wide variety of colors to wander around in your baby shower. For those who have a daughter, you can go with muted pastel colors or bright neon. For boys, there are some great color schemes using different blues and earth tones, as well as some bright colors that can create sportier themes.

Garden themed showers work very well here with a variety of color schemes that add to the lush greenery and lovely flowing floral colors. For those who want a subdued shower, a book-themed shower goes well with pastel colors or blues. Here are some hot spring and summer colors for 2020:

Color scheme of reading and winter baby shower

If you are planning a baby shower in the fall or winter, expect cool weather and beautiful colors. Gradually, browns and dusty blues build up around some lace color palettes as muted tones like earth tones and oranges. For those who like a slightly lighter color in their life and baby shower, turquoise, medium pings, fuchsias and pale yellow are also included.

Abba showers will be bright with blues and browns, and sleek baby showers with sleek color schemes will go well. Check out this table of some different fall and winter 2020 color themes that will get your party ready:

Choose a theme for your colors

It is not true what kind of baby shower color scheme to choose this year. All of the colors are easy to transform into beautiful themes that will satisfy your expectant mother’s every wish. Even if he chooses something outside the walls, there are color schemes for him. Both the hostess and mother need to sit down and work out a theme and color scheme that will go together and turn the mother into a fountain of her dreams.


15 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas & Color Schemes

Is it your job to create a fun, memorable and great baby shower for a friend or family member? Congratulations! One of the hardest parts of the job is choosing an epic theme or color scheme. Hope 15 baby shower decorating ideas are a great starting point for a visionary idea that can work with you and create your own.

Note that with each baby shower decor concept I have created clip-on color scheme images so that you will like them, but you can pin them to Pinterest and come back later! Each idea also leads you to the color scheme decor, which you can get in bulk on Amazon at quarterly price, so you can spend a little extra on meals and cakes!

These themes also work if you need to create a gender neutral baby shower or baby shower for male / female sibling twins!

15 baby shower decorating ideas for boys, girls and neutral parties

1. Circus themed baby shower decor idea

The fun and excitement of a circus is enjoyable for everyone, regardless of gender.

  1. This party theme is a great way to have a big celebration without the usual pinks and baby blues.
  2. The color scheme for this is mostly primary color (and a little shiny) – which shows kids the first color! (I like funny information)
  3. The pride of the animals – tigers, monkeys, elephants and horses gather under the rental roof
  4. Delicious snacks of popcorn, cotton candy and circus peanuts to name a few
  5. Balloons are a simple decoration that always makes a statement

2. Safari themed baby shower decor idea

Take a look at the party with the Safari Baby Shower Print and Savannah Neutrals Bring

  1. Zebra prints and cheetah prints can interest the design mix
  2. Natural fabrics such as burlap and linen give the event an elegant and rustic flair
  3. This theme is a perfect mix of nature and care.
  4. Decorate with gold, gray and green

3. Baby duck themed baby shower decor ideas

Everyone enjoys following each act to see the little ducks swing and run around behind their mother. Ducks are the animals of the fifth child when bathing a gender-neutral baby. To travel? Boy or girl?

  1. Rubber ducks are beautiful and easy to look at
  2. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles to suit your personality
  3. Bubbles and balloons can add flavor to this cute baby bathing theme.

4. Space themed baby shower decoration ideas

Cosmos offers a gorgeous color scheme for your gender neutral baby shower. The stars, planets, galaxies and nebulae are a natural wonder, as is your little bundle of joy. Using this interesting theme guarantees you an “out of this world” fountain.

  1. Galaxy cakes and treats are adorable and delicious
  2. Choose the most beautiful color in the universe
  3. The stars and planets set great hanging accents
  4. There are many ways to make this topic exciting

5. Woodland Action themed baby shower

  1. A Woodland baby animal shower is so beautiful and hot.
  2. Many themed decorations are available in the kits
  3. Animal cupcake toppers
  4. At the top of the wildlife diet
  5. Leaves, balloons, pompoms, banners and lanterns
  6. Themed dishes are easy to prepare
  7. Pritzel Burke
  8. Chocolate acorns
  9. Hedgehog hummas
  10. Mushroom cupcakes

6. French bakery-themed baby shower

The pastries in the French bakery are delicious and full of color. Using it as a baby shower theme will bring a delicious treat for your guests. A French bakery is filled with pastel colors and soft substances, making it the perfect aesthetic for a gender-neutral baby shower.

  1. Tie it to the classic nursery rhyme “Pat a Cake”.
  2. Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake, Baker.
  3. Bake me a cake asap;
  4. Draw it and drag it and mark it with B,
  5. Put it in the oven for the baby and me.

Choose from pastries

  • Macarons (the most popular and colorful of French baked goods)
  • Petite force
  • Fruit
  • Medallions
  • Preacher

7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Themed Baby Shower

It is one of the most popular nursery rhymes in the world. These gender neutral baby shower ideas are perfect for shiny and glamorous style. May include gold, silver, yellow, and glitter for classic and upscale themes.

  1. Hang star clips would be perfect thematically
  2. The tulle contains soft and ethereal material in bright light.
  3. The different heights of the mirrored tops create a beautiful table landscape

8. Mary had a little lamb with a little lamb

Nursery rhyme is always a good springboard for baby shower ideas. A Little Lamb from Mary gives you a fair chance at using soft billet cotton and a little bow.

  1. Soft white white citizen and handsome
  2. This includes lace, burlap, gingham, and other rustic themed fabrics
  3. Try making your own using one of my simple knitting layout templates!
  4. The floral tail green with white flowers and mason jars will inspire the theme

9. Jungle animal themed baby shower

When I spoke in the “Baby Shower with Animal Themes” post, I discussed the description that the color schemes are as different as the jungle animals and safari themes.

  1. The jungle theme gives you the option to use bright tropical colors
  2. There are more flowers and animals in the forest than safaris
  3. This is a fun time to use cheetah patterns or lace that you don’t use in the safari theme

10. Baby shower with the theme “Choose your favorite animal”

I love owls.I had an owl-themed party and I am sure that if she had her favorite animal, mom would be a great option for the wedding. There are a lot of popular animal decorations out there right now, whether it’s lalamas, cats, astana or adorable koalas, there are decorations out there!

  1. The tiling of the animal in make-to-be makes it very unique
  2. You can choose the color palette that should match the colors you want
  3. That makes it very personal
  4. Dition Thermal Baby Shower Decoration Color Scheme

11. Pink and Blue Baby Shower

If you prefer something classic and traditional, you can include a mix of blues and pinks in your decor. Gender publishing parties are a big deal right now. Combinations of these colors can easily be put together in a kit.

  1. Classic and traditional gender neutral color scheme
  2. Create layers of paint to make the subject stand out
  3. Different shades of blue and pink can create a twist in ordinary pastel shades

12. Naked, cream, white and gold

I like the earthy but glamorous nature of this color palette. This color combination is included in your shower and is comfortable with a touch of glitter.

Bring natural fabrics
Linen and burlap give it a perfect rustic feel
Wood and metallic natural materials keep it in balance

Beautiful baby shower color combination

These beautiful color combinations are very attractive and still remain gender neutral

13. Peach, teal, and gold baby shower color ors

These colors look beautiful together, they are basically a shade from their respective traditional theme color pairs.

  1. Peaches will be the new pink and mint will be the new baby blue
  2. Kear pair of colors available to assemble toys
  3. The colors are bright and fun
  4. Works with fun patterns like chevron and paisley

14. Gold, mint and cream

This is a very modern color scheme. The colors are perfectly combined and the eyes are alluring. Needless to say, I’m in love with the color palette (I use it in my home decor too).

  1. Mint is a very neutral color and cool
  2. Gold is shiny and is celebrated by nature
  3. The cream is a great option for white pungency and creates a superior feel

15. Navy, coral, mint and gray

It has a very clear feeling. Colors like the Williams and Sonoma catalogs belong together. It contains classic text.

  1. Allows you to leave the traditional baby shower color palettes
  2. Still bright and cool, conventional and tough
  3. Enables classic patterns like stripes, polka dots and herringbone patterns

Hope you find the color schemes helpful for your next shower with the next 15 shower sorting ideas you plan on!