Baby shower guide: DIY Snacks, Decorations, Photo Booth props and more

Hey guys,

Welcome back to my channel I hope you are well 🙂
So I recently helped plan my cousins baby shower and I came up with a few DIYs that I was extremely proud of and just had to share with you. In this video I show you two different baby themed snacks such as the oreo pops shaped like a rattle:
– Oreos and mini oreos
– Chocolate of choice
– Red food colouring
– Pink icing
– Sprinkels
And I also show you a very easy cake pop recipe:
– Chocolate cake base
– Chocolate moose
– Chocolate of choice
– Spinkles
I also made some decorative jars:
– Plain jars
– Pink acrylic paint
– Black twine
The last DIY is my favourite and it is these cute baby themed photo booth props which I was going to buy but decided to make instead:
– card
– sticks

Thank you so much for watching I hope you found this video useful and I hope to see you soon, if you have any further questions please leave me a comment and I will reply as soon as I can. Bye 🙂




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