Baby’s 1st Tooth at 9 Months After Months of Teething How We Are Coping & Settling Baby

Baby’s 1st Tooth at 9 Months After Months of Teething How We Are Coping & Settling Baby

Video of Micah teething at 2 months
How I get rid of his teething rash and cradle cap

Micah has been teething since two months old. He has finally cut his first two teeth at 9 months. We have been using teething salts (nelsons teething teetha granules) , the new formula bonjela teething gel giving the baby things to chew on, using white noise when he is unsettled. He also enjoys just being snuggled and walked around when he is struggling. He has been tugging at his ears too and has just been unsettled a lot. He has been waking up lots more and has had a runny nose. Now his teeth have come he is a lot better.

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