Best autism toys:Gift Ideas for Kids With Autism

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If you’re wondering, like many relatives who have nephews, nieces, cousins, or grandchildren who have autism, what is the best gift for kids with autism? or, what are the best toys for autism?

Should I get them a chew toy for autism? or a sensory toy for autism?

In this video, we will dive into some of my favorite toys that I use with my kids – and their therapists use these as well!

We will go over my favorite autism gifts and toys such as:
Learning toys for autism:

1. ABC Learning Locks
Description: Each of these locks has an individual key that can be put on a keyring and used to find letters and learn the alphabet. It is a great learning toy for autism and can even be used in team situations that can help children work together as they play.

2. B. Pet Vet Toy
Description: My kids can’t get enough of this toy. It would make an amazing gift and can be used for speech therapy in children with autism. As you unlock the door, my kids’ therapist will teach them the difference between “inside” and “outside” etc. This toy is also great for hand-eye coordination.

3. Rocket Ship Play Tent
Description: This tent is big enough to fit up to three small children or two slightly older kids. It can be used to teach children with autism to share smaller spaces and accept other kids into their “purple circle”.

4. Popup Pirate Toy
Description: The Popup Pirate Toy is perfect for teaching your children to take turns. As each child takes a turn inserting a sword into the barrel, the pirate will eventually POP up and surprise you. Think of it as a “hot potato” style game.

5. Spin and Tweet Musical Birdhouse
Description: This is one of the best toys for nonverbal autism because it allows them to hit the buttons and play music and sounds. You can use it as a learning toy or even a tool for them to use to alert you that they need you.

6. Learn-to-Play Piano Musical Toy
Description: This is another noise-making toy for autism. It is a great sensory toy for autism and can be used by nonverbal children with autism with ease. Remember to turn it off at night!

7. The Wiggles Movies
“Wiggle Time” –
“Pop Go the Wiggles” –
Description: The Wiggles DVDs are fun, interactive, and are a great learning experience. My kids love The Wiggles, and I’m sure yours will, too!