Best Ways To Calm Down Your Crying Baby

A baby crying can be an awful thing. Whether you’re sad that your perfect bundle of joy is wailing or just annoyed by the sound, either way, we’re going to teach you how to quiet them down!

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Quiet A Baby :
1. Put Them In The Jolly Jumper – 5:14
2. Put Them In A Carrier – 5:38
3. Turn Up Your Music – 6:42
4. Play The Sounds Of A Crying Baby – 7:44
5. Turn Off The Lights – 8:56
6. Try White Noise – 9:33


1. Sinus pain isn’t comfortable for anyone. So imagine how a little baby feels when they have it. HEALTHYCHILDREN.ORG notes that it’s the “inflammation of the lining of the nose and sinuses”. You can calm your baby from the discomfort of sinus pain by gently massaging the baby’s soles. THE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE says that applying a bit of pressure to the soles, located right beneath their little toes, will calm them down. Don’t press too much, that might hurt the baby.

2. Anyone who is a mother knows how painful it is for a baby when they’re teething. MODERN REFLEXOLOGY notes that teething can cause serious toothaches and headaches, but by gently massaging the tip of the baby’s toes, you can relieve the pain. Doing this will relax them and relieve the baby from the pain. It will also make them fall asleep fairly easily.

3. No one likes having stomach pain. When a baby has stomach pain, you feel helpless. You don’t know what to do to ease the pain. Well, reflexology is the answer. THE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE notes that all you have to do is start massaging the center of the baby’s toes in a circular motion. The site notes that the central toe area is “bonded to the solar plexus which is full of nerves that are between the stomach and our lungs”.

4. Owner of A Caring Touch: Massage Therapy, KAREN STONER, noted that “massage helps everything flow and move, so any ‘bunched up’ congestion or fluids are encouraged to move through and more easily out of the system”. So if your baby is experiencing chest congestion, you should massage their soles right about the foot’s arch. Gently massage that area in a circular motion.

5. Pain in the pelvis area is the next common discomfort that babies experience. Luckily, reflexology can help out. According to THE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, if your baby is having a lot of pain in its hips, massaging the heel of their foot will help them get rid of the pain. It would also relieve them from an upset tummy as well as constipation.

6. Abdominal pain in infants can also be relieved or made easier through reflexology. Before I tell you which area on the foot can help relieve this pain, maybe it’s a good idea to talk about the various abdominal pain that infants can experience. According to HEALTHYCHILDREN.ORG, the three main abdominal pain is colic, intussusception, and viral or bacterial infections.

1: Put Them In The Jolly Jumper.

No matter what you call it, whether it’s the jolly jumper, the Shoosh-Bounce, whatever– doesn’t matter, you want to put a crying baby into it if they’re throwing a tantrum. They’ll bounce around and while they do, shoosh them softly in their ear. Eventually, they should calm down.

2: Put Them In A Carrier.

The sling, or that thing you put your baby where you carry them around like a kangaroo, is a great place to put a crying baby. Like the jolly jumper, you can slowly bounce them around as you coo softly into their ears.

3: Turn Up Your Music.

It’s not just lullabies that might calm your baby down, but all kinds of music. Try different genres and songs, and see what works for your kid. There have been reports from mothers of babies getting soothed from artists like Cee-Lo Green, Led Zepplin, and even Black Sabbath! MELANIE PLEVA said she would put on “Iron Man” and she said that “He would giggle as soon as he heard it begin to play,”. Rock on, kiddo, rock on!

4: Play The Sounds Of A Crying Baby.

Sounds counter intuitive, sounds like it would just add to the noise, but this method actually might work for your crying baby. One mother said that “When my sons were babies, I would record them fussing and crying on my phone and let them listen to it.

5: Turn Off The Lights.

It may seem obvious, but putting babies into a dark room works to get them to stop crying. This method was tried by a mother in New York City named Polly Blitzer.

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