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Hi Mommies,

Colic in babies is the most emotionally painful problem new mom’s all over the world face. Because knowing that your baby is crying and not able to do anything is a horrible feeling. Here in this video i have mentioned all possible ways to soothe a colicky baby. Also how to diagnose, why some babies have colic and what is colic is also covered. Hope u find this video useful.

This channel is created to share our personal experiences regarding parenting. Being a mom who stays far away from family i had to aid doctors and google for every little doubt. Via this channel i wanted to help out fellow moms with the info i learnt through experience. This channel is not sponsored by any company. we do not endorse any particular brand. These tricks and tips worked for my baby but not all babies are same. so its always better to consult your doctor before trying any of our remedies.

As an indian vlogger With parenting tips I also intent to share about our life here in this channel. I like the idea that someday I can look back at all the videos and cherish my life memories.

Any negative, unnecessary comments will be deleted and blocked by me. This channel is purely created with intention to help fellow moms and also share my life with you all. So if you don’t like my videos you can choose not to watch them instead of spreading negativity in my comments.

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