Crying Babies | Listen To Quran | Mindblowing Results

A compilation of little babies crying but stop to do so when they hear beautiful recitation of the Book of Allah, the Qur’an. Allahumma Barik (Oh Allah bless).

小嬰兒在哭,但是,當他們聽到安拉的經典,古蘭,的美麗的背誦之後,就停止哭叫。 Allahumma Barik (安拉祝福)。

This shouldn’t come as a surprise for the believers in Allah and His words for indeed every child is born a Muslim as per the saying of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and every soul is born hungry to connect to it’s Creator which is most definitely done through connecting to His Book.


People say music is the life of the soul. But that’s Shaytaan’s tool, that’s all music is. The true life of the soul is the Qur’an. Just check yourselves, what are you more eager to listen to – music or Qur’an? If it’s music, then Shaytaan is trapping you and keeping you away from the remembrance of Allah. If it’s Qur’an, then automatically you will build a dislike towards music.

人們說,音樂是靈魂的生命。但是,那是撒旦的工具,所有音樂都如是。靈魂的真正生命是古蘭。你只要自己檢視一下,你更渴望聽見的是什麼 – 是音樂還是古蘭呢?如果是音樂的話,那麼撒旦是在裝你的陷阱,讓你遠離對安拉的記憶。如果是古蘭的話,那麼您將會自動構建對音樂不喜愛。

May Allah allow us all to have such tranquility and sweetness when we listen to His words and above all create eagerness in ourselves to do so.


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