D.I.Y. Birthday gift ideas Part 2

Hello everyone,
I am sharing how to make cute and easy last minute diy birthday gift ideas which are best for your boyfriend, girlfriend, a friend, mom, dad or just anyone.
These ideas are also great gifts for teens and inexpensive gifts ideas for girls.
DIY Birthday gift ideas Part 2
1. Candy mason jar photo holder
2. Personalized bookmark
3. Chocolate wrapping

DIY Birthday gifts Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLpqrkVeeuc&t=90s
1.How to make diy mini scrapbook from scratch
2. How to make diy chocolate cake/pastry squishy
3. How to make diy scented aromatic candle from scratch || Candle jar
4. How to make diy Polaroid Fridge magnets
5. diy gift card holder

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