Dad of 7 Shares Creative Hacks for Parents with Multiple Babies | NowThis

These parenting hacks are real lifesavers, take it from this dad of 7.
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Chad and Amy Kempel already had 2 children when they found out that Amy was pregnant with quintuplets.

Before having their 7 children, the Kempels struggled with infertility. They had multiple miscarriages and lost twin boys at 22 weeks. Despite the odds, Amy carried her 5 babies to 27 weeks at which point doctors needed to intervene for medical reasons. The quintuplets were delivered by C-section 3 months early and spent 73 days in the NICU until they were ready to go home.

After the babies made it home safely, Chad and Amy had to figure out how to make it work. Amy chose to stay at home while Chad went to work each morning at 4am. So Chad came up with a variety of creative solutions to help streamline daily activities — including a prop feeding system and an end table with highchairs built in.

Chad shares his inventions on his YouTube channel, calling them Quint Hacks — see more here:

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