Exercise For Second Stage Of Labor

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This exercise improves tone and elasticity of the pelvis muscles and strengthens thigh muscles, leading to an easier birth experience.

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Duck walks:

• Improves the tone and elasticity of pelvis muscles
• Strengthens the thigh muscles
• This helps in 2nd stage of labor where pushing is involved

Exercise Technique:

First, warm up by marching on the spot. Begin exercising after your warm-up.

1. Make sure you have clear floor space of at least 5-7 feet in front of you
2. Spread your legs wide with your feet pointing outwards
3. Make sure that your feet are firmly on the floor
4. Come down slowly to the full squat position
5. You can support yourself with your hands on the floor in front of you
6. Start taking small baby steps forward
7. Make sure that your legs are wide and your feet are firmly on the ground
8. Take 8 steps forward
9. Get back to standing position slowly

Repeat the exercise depending on your strength

Warning signs:

• Pain in the vagina, pelvis or groin
• Abdominal discomfort
• Shortness of breath
• Leakage or bleeding from the vagina


• Breathe normally during the exercise
• You may feel some soreness in the first few days
• This exercise is best done once the baby’s head is fixed in the pelvis
• Avoid exercising on an empty stomach