Exercise for Smooth Labor

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This exercise helps to align the baby to a head-down position facing its mother’s back, which is the favorable position at the time of birth. It saves the mother from longer hours of pain during labor.

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Turning the baby to the back front position:

• The Ideal position for the baby is a head-down position, with
the back of his head slightly towards the front of your tummy
• This exercise helps get the baby in this position and makes
labor smoother


• Rightly positions the baby for birth

Exercise Technique:

1. Use a non-slip mat to ensure safety
2. Get into an all fours position on your hands and knees.
3. Now keep your arms under your shoulders and your knees hip-
width apart
4. Once you have done this, make sure that you spine is in a
straight line
5. Also make sure that you have planted your toes firmly into the
non-slip mat
6. Now gently rock yourself forward and backward a few times
7. Rest for a few moments
8. You may repeat this exercise 4 times

Warning Signs:

• Pain in pelvis, vagina or groin
• Abdominal discomfort
• Shortness of breath
• Leaking fluid from the vagina
• Dizziness
• Unexceptional fetal activity


• Avoid exercising on empty stomach