Exercise Kids Like – MUVE Dance Games for Kids are Fun Physical Activities for School and Home

(If I ever feel better) This MUVE Dancing Game is called the CIRCLE JUMP. There is one “Muse-Spot” (a sticker on the ground) in the center. When the game leader calls for a “Switch” the current lead dancer leaves the center and whoever gets to he center-spot fastest is the next Muse (dance leader). In this game the children are learning several things. One is to overcome their shyness and assert themselves by competing for the Muse-spot. Another is to mind others, not to bully and push but to be gentle in the process. It’s important to discuss this at the start of the game. You can JUMP for a second time, but only if there is not another dancer who has not gone before. So we learn to look out for and encourage each other. Then when we get to the center we learn leadership by offering our movement ideas to the group as we practice our creativity by pulling fun dancing ideas out of thin air.

To date there are 18 MUVE Dancing Games explained and demonstrated at http://www.muve.org/muve-dancing-games/ . MUVE school dance exercises are so much fun to do, that the kids don’t even realize that they are exercising.

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