Young mothers say that pregnancy is one of the most amazing conditions of a woman. Of course, this is a huge stress for the body and psyche of the girl. But pregnancy is a special time not only for women but also for their men. This is a time of unusual flavor combinations, whining and irritation. The whole world stinks. Sugar today is not as sweet as it was yesterday. Scared to give birth, and the husband doesn’t understand you. Want attention and care from others. And it is believed that women in position become too vulnerable. But we suggest looking at pregnancy from another angle. Yes, it is not so easy to bear and give birth to a new person. Desperate moments women brightens up a sense of humor.
Our video contains fun and unusual moments that can only face young mothers! Are you familiar with the situation when the fall of the phone turns into a disaster? But the phone is all right, it works properly. You just can’t lift it!
May be you are bored with any familiar food? It’s time to come up with something new! During pregnancy, completely new taste preferences are opened! Banana fish? Great! Nutella with mushrooms? Super! It’s okay, it’s not forever. 🙂
And this terrible moment when all your favorite clothes become small? Don’t despair! In this video you will learn about the most useful life hack during pregnancy! Small blouse? It doesn’t matter, just sew a beautiful lace on the back and you will get a brand new design thing! How to feed the baby without wasting time on changing clothes? Very simple! Sew the buttons to the straps and you will understand how it saves time.

0:06 Funny pregnancy
5:19 Maternity clothing hacks
9:03 DIY jeans for pregnant women
10:00 What mom nevr told you..

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