Get a Flatter Tummy After Baby and Beyond | Postnatal Exercise | DAY 1 WAKE UP TUMMY MUSCLES

This is Day 1 of my Get a Flatter Tummy After Baby and Beyond 5 Day
Kick Start with my top postnatal exercises. Today we are going to wake up and fire up your deep, inner most tummy muscles, the ones that were affected by pregnancy. That way we can effectively and safely start to strengthen them to flatten them! This routine is just 10 minutes long and is designed to help flatten your tummy, strengthen your core and heal a Diastasis Recti. No equipment required!

Here are our postnatal exercise moves:
Inner Thigh Stretch (Warm Up)
Side Bend
Pelvic Tilt
Psoas/Hip Flexor Stretch
The Poke for Lower Abdominals
Heel Drops
The Hip Bridge
Leg Slide with Arm Reach
Roll Down with Rotation
The Clams
Side Plank

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