Home Remedies For Babies’ Stomach/Colic Pain | Pirali Valikaana Naattu Maruthuvam | Jumi’s Kitchen

3 Simple, handy home remedy solutions for stomach troubles in babies especially breast feeding infants and babies.
The following methods give relief to babies immediately and relaxes them off the pain. Please follow these methods for babies of three months and above.

Method 1. Grill ‘sweet flag’ stick for a few minutes till they char. Rub the charred part over a grinding stone, collect the powdered part and gently rub on the baby’s belly.

Method 2. Pick a handful of drumstick leaves along with a teaspoon of crystal salt. Squeezing the leaves and salt tight gives a spoon or two of juice. Rub the juice on the belly, both the palms and both the soles of the baby and place a tiny drop of the juice on its tongue.

Method 3. Pick a tender leave of guava and a very tender leaf of Adamant Creeper(Veldt Grape) and a jujube leaf. Extract juice out of it using a fee drops of water. Pipette 5-7 drops of the same n administer to the baby.

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