How to prepare 5 Baby Cereals at home for 6 Month old | 5 Baby Food Ideas for 6 month old baby

Try these 5 Homemade Baby Cereal Recipes for your 6+ Months Baby. These 5 Stage 1 Baby Food Ideas will come handy for you on a busy day. They can made very quickly. The Poha or Flattened rice cereal can be carried for Travel, you can do instant cereal with just hot water. These healthy baby porridges will provide balanced nutrition when you plan it will. You as a parent is in full control of what you’re giving you child on daily basis. This can save you a ton of money as well!

Baby Cereals Shown in this video:

1. Rice Cereal/Porridge
2.Homemade Poha Cereal
3.Barley Cereal Recipe
4. Dalia Cereal, Dalia Porridge, Baby Food with Dalia
5. Oats Baby Cereal Recipe

Note: All instructions are given in the video itself. Please ask you questions(if any) in Comments section.

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