How to Shush Pat a Baby to Stop Crying and Put Baby to Sleep (Baby Whisperer Tracy Hogg technique)

Read my blog post on how to shush pat:

Our baby used to be dependent on rocking to fall asleep. We read about the “shush pat” technique but only learned how to do it after watching our nanny do it. Since we couldn’t find any good Youtube video tutorials, we thought we’d share this video in case it is helpful for others!

Some tips:
– Gently pat your baby and adjust the level of patting based on how upset and whiny your baby is — you don’t want to overstimulate her while she is trying to fall asleep!
– Use a soft “shhhh” while patting to help calm her down
– Lifting and patting her legs helps relax her whole body
– Try to leave the room as soon as she stops crying and is calm

The technique will take 10-15 minutes when you first start doing it, but be patient! You’ll see the time required gradually decrease until your baby doesn’t even need shush pat anymore.