Your girlfriend is pregnant, and you realize: I will soon become a father. Do not be afraid, all men sooner or later go through it. “Dear, I am pregnant” – this phrase is able to knock out rut and make any man think about the future. Very soon you will be no longer just a beloved boyfriend or husband, but also the father of a child. And although it is difficult and serious, but at the same time, great and very interesting. Relax and have a little laugh with your girlfriend or wife 🙂

Remember a few important points to make waiting for the child perfect for both of you. A pregnant woman becomes nervous, irritable, she easily begins a quarrel. Try not to pay attention to this and remember that a pregnant woman should not be criticized, angry and offended.

The food that you both liked, can now cause his wife to disgust. But it is not so scary. The situation is more complicated with taste perversions, a pregnant woman may be tempted to eat something not intended for food, or there are incompatible foods – sweet and salty, for example.

Waiting for a child is a great time for a man and a woman, if you consciously experience this difficult but surprising period of pregnancy. And it is best to survive it with his beloved wife, not staying away 🙂


3:52 What happens during pregnancy
5:11 What does a child feel in the womb
6:00 Being pregnant means
6:56 How long pregnancy lasts
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