#K24Alfajiri: Colic Treatment in infants (pt1)

Ways to help in reducing colic.

Help him or her swallow less air.

Try a special bottle designed to reduce gas or a nipple with a smaller hole. Sit him up while he eats so he swallows less air.

Changes in feeding practices may also provide some relief.

Bottle-feed your baby in an upright position and burp frequently during and after a feeding.

Using a curved bottle will help with upright feeding, and a collapsible bag bottle can reduce the intake of air.

Remember to burp him during and after feedings.

Soothe Your Baby With Sound and Motion

Walk or rock. Motion helps calm babies.

Walk around with your baby in a baby.

The combined warmth and rhythm may lull the baby to sleep.

Hold and rock the baby in a swing or stroller.

The gentle movement may stop the baby’s tears.

Calm Your Baby’s Senses

Bright lights and sounds can overwhelm a colicky baby.