Kids Book Read Aloud – Little Bunny on the Move by Peter McCarthy – Storytime With Ms. Becky

Little Bunny on the Move by Peter McCarthy – Read-Along

“It was time for a little bunny to be on the move. From here to there, a bunny goes where a bunny must.”

And so Little Bunny’s journey begins: over the hills, through the woods, past the little girl who wants to take him home. But where is Little Bunny going?

“Bunny, bunny, going down the path,
Bunny, bunny, aren’t you turning back?
Where are you going, Little Bunny?”

By the time Little Bunny reaches his destination–his very own place, with all the other little bunnies–readers will be thoroughly enchanted. Simple and accessible, Little Bunny on the Move takes us on a classic picture book journey with a most satisfying conclusion.

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