Kids Read with me Books! BESOS FOR BABY!!Easy and Fun !!

Hi kids today we are going to read Besos For Baby, this will help children to understand basic words like dog, mommy, daddy etc♡ this book is intended for kids ages 0 to 3 years old .

•A little Book of Kisses•
By Jen Arena

123 Baby wants Kisses.
One two, Three!
Besos, Bebé, besos.
Mommy loves kisses,
Sweet as can be.
Besos, Mami, besos.
Daddy shares kisses,
Tickles, and giggles.
Besos, Papi, besos.
Doggy 🐕licks Kisses,
wriggles and wriggles.
Besos, perro🐕, besos.
Kitty gives kisses with a happy purr🐱
Besos, gato🐱, besos.
The sun🌞 shines kisses in a golden blur.
Besos, sol🌞, besos!
Wind 🌬blows kisses on a summer breeze.
Besos, viento🌬, besos.
Flowers🌻send kisses past bees🐝 and trees.
Besos, flores🌻, besos.
Butterfly 🦋kisses flutter in the air.
Besos, Mariposa🦋, besos.
The world 🌎gives kisses from everywhere!!
Besos, mundo, besos.
Baby =Bebe 👶
Mommy = Mami 👩
Daddy= Papi👨
Doggy=Perro 🐕
Kitty= Gato🐱
Sun=Sol 🌞
Flowers=Flores 🌻
Butterfly= Mariposa🦋
Besos = Kisses 💋

•I do not own any rights towards the book company or the authors.