My Water Broke Baby Shower Games

My Water Broke Game

You can buy the game at any party store or online. Or … you can make your own. All you need are ice cube trays and plastic babies.

Get Free Baby Shower Games to mix and match another great (and free!) Baby shower game! My Water Break is a fun and matching game that is played in baby showers. It’s fun to see adult women (or men) do their best to get water “on break”. This is a very simple game, and prep time is much easier. Below are instructions on how to play My Water Brock. As a precaution – melting ice means water – make sure you have enough napkins to clean up!


Ice cube tray

Plastic baby statues (you can find them in most party stores, even a dollar store)

  1. Ready to play the evening before showering. Place a plastic baby statue in each ice cube slot. Fill the ice cube trays with water and store them overnight.
  2. Explain the rules to the guest before starting the game. Each guest receives a frozen baby. The key to the game is who can melt the water and free his baby from the ice first – hence the term “my water is broken”.
  3. Guests do whatever they can with one exception – not a bit. You can hit them on the ice, they can rub it in their hands, whatever they think – but don’t bite the ice to get the baby out. This will create a very short and boring game.
  4. The person who gets the baby out of the ice cube first is the winner and receives a prize!

This game can be played during the kids shower or you can choose a specific time frame for it. The way you choose is fine. You can separate it and do it to your liking.

One way to change the game is that instead of giving each guest their own ice cube, you can put the cubes in a tray and label the cubes with the guest’s name. The winner then is the one who has melted the ice cube freely for the baby and is enough to keep the tray floating. One thing to keep in mind if you choose to play it this way, guests have nothing to do with water breakage. It’s still a game left to chance.

Rewards are and can be anything you want. The big prize for this game is the chic pack of ice cube trays! They know what kind of ice cubes are funny or cute. Candles are a great price for a baby shower game. Check out the Dollar Store for more ideas you can use.

My Water Brock is a perfect game for kids to play in the fountain as everyone wants their water to break first. You will see some creative ideas from baby shower guests and that alone will make it worth it!

“My water is broken!”

The game “My Waters Broke!” Is a hysterical baby shower game anyone can play in the shower! It doesn’t take a lot of preparation, but the effect is huge! It’s perfect for a home sitting baby shower. However, if you like to keep an ice cube in the refrigerator, you can play it in any hotel or restaurant!

You will need:

  • Mini baby shower statue
  • Ice cube tray
  • Water

How to play:

  1. The night before the baby shower, you need to make some ice cream and pop these mini kids on each ice cube and freeze them.
  2. Give each guest a baby gift in an ice cube on shower day, if there is a baby play area. The purpose of the game is to free the baby from the ice and “My water is broken!” Scream. Guests can do anything to get the baby out, but no bites are allowed! Rubbing your hands, inhaling hot air, staying in the middle of your feet is fine, but no bites!
  3. The first person to take the baby out won a prize! A prize can be a bar of chocolate or a scratch card!

Babishwar is here, meaning we like this baby shower game because not only is it a great game but such a laugh too! Baby showers don’t just have to be about feeling! Sometimes a really good wiggle is just as important as a mummy! And this baby shower game is one of the best!

My amniotic sac has burst! Games

  1. In this game your guest will roll with a smile.
  2. Buy small plastic babies from a party store. Place each section of an ice cube tray, fill it with water, and freeze it.
  3. When your guests arrive and everyone is seated, give each guest an ice cube with the baby in a paper cup.
  4. When the ice cube melts and the baby is released, the guest has to shout: “My water is broken!” The victory of the first person to be released from the ice cube.

Note: Guests cannot help but melt the ice in any way. This is a natural birth.

“My water has burst!” Baby shower games

My water broke baby shower game

I didn’t see it on your website even though I saw it on another website and did it in a friend’s shower.


Ice cube tray

Small plastic babies (this fits in the ice cube tray) (I took this thin pink foam and cut the babies to size and placed them in the ice cube tray because I couldn’t find the plastic babies)

Dixie’s bathroom cup

How are you:

First, freeze the baby one at a time in ice cubes.

When guests arrive, everyone receives a “Baby Ice Cube” in Dixie’s cup. You have been instructed not to touch or remove your “baby ice cube” from the cup, but you can do something else if you want to “give birth” to the baby. The first person to have an ice-free baby was “My water broke!” And they get rewards! Women watch the cup breathe, or some put it between their legs or hold the cup properly. You can play other games while you wait for someone to

“break the water”!

“Broke my water!” Baby shower games

I love to draw “Im or Hate”, no baby shower is complete without some fun games!

And today we’re going to show you how that ridiculous “broke my water!” Ideal for gigabytes, as the game only needs to be prepared slightly in advance

What do you want

  • Ice cube tray
  • Mini plastic baby
  • Water

How to play!

The night before the baby shower, fill an ice cube tray with these mini plastic babies and fill them with water. Leave it in the refrigerator overnight to prepare for the baby shower.

When you’re ready to play, put an ice cube in each guest’s drink. The first person whose ice has melted has to say “My water broke!” To win a prize. You can even make the game fun by holding it in your hand until the ice cubes melt.


Baby Elephant My Water Broke, Baby Shower Game, Boy Baby Shower, Printable File, SH08

Start my party with the fun game “My water is broken”! Every child should have a shower game and this is the perfect icebreaker! The design features blue flowers, watercolor flowers, and little elephants on a white background.

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Baby Shower Games: Dumb and Stupid

When the mom-to-be and her guests are a little lonely, these silly games are a great way to break the ice or just add to the laughs at the baby shower.

Clay babies

Give the guests modeling clay in different colors. Set a timer for five minutes and share the best (or the worst!) Of their skills with a child. The expectant mother can judge which one she likes most in different categories, e.g. B. the most realistic, the most creative, the most boring and the most intense.

Taking the shower is a great game because it makes people talk and laugh.

Obviously dirty diapers

Buy a variety of candy bars (for example, Milky Way, Sneakers, 100 Grand, Baby Ruth, and 3 Musketeers).

Just before you shower, the microwave will melt everyone and turn them into a disposable diaper. They will ask guests to examine the diapers and determine what type of candy bar is placed in each one. Fair warning: some guests will earn quite a bit!

Make sure you have the diapers numbered and keep track of which bar is where. During the shower, guests put diapers for testing and smelling. (If you want to make the guessing a little easier, you can show the candy bar wrapper))

Write a numbered list for each guest showing what type of candy bar is in the diaper. A win with the most accurate guess.

Look for nipples

Try looking for breasts instead of apples. Getting hit by guys and looking pretty historic is a trend!

Fill a large tub with water and drop some baby bottles into the nipple. Interested participants run away and try to catch one in their teeth. You can also see the time of the game and see how many nipples each person can make in a certain amount and then give the winner a prize.

Sweet, sweet baby

Give the guest a list of pregnancy or parenting related descriptions and match those descriptions to the name of the most suitable candy. Use examples from the list below or create your own:

  1. Twins = M and woman
  2. Triplets = 3 musketeers
  3. Compression = funnel
  4. Epidural = lifesaver
  5. Hospital bill = salary
  6. Breastfeeding = Milky Way
  7. College price = 100 grand
  8. Maiden name = Baby Ruth
  9. Boy’s name = Mike and Ike
  10. Womb after pregnancy = gummy bears
  11. Lullabies = symphony
  12. Night of the Concept = Skor
  13. Dirty diapers = Tutsi’s role
  14. Pile of dirty laundry = hill
  15. You can’t give your baby enough kisses

My amniotic sac has burst!

Get a pack of tiny plastic kids from a craft or party store. Set an ice cube for each guest. They are all given a cup of dice to keep an eye on during the party after the guests arrive. You can allow or forbid “artificial induction methods” like adding hot liquids or placing beakers under lamps.

The first person whose ice has melted so that his baby is floating freely in the glass: “My water is broken!” And win the game

Baby face

This game is a little complicated to set up, but it’s fun. Get mom’s full face pictures and dad-to-stay and enhanced color copies. Then cut out their main features (nose, eyes, ears, mouth and more). You will also need a color copy of your generic baby face that is the same size as the parent pictures. (Look in a magazine and if it’s too small, blow it on a copier or just draw an outline of the baby’s face.)

Equip guests with parental traits on a generic basis so they can see what their children look like. The results are pretty fun.